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  1. Mike_in_Letcombe

    Mar 25, 2015
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    Letcombe Regis, Oxon, England
    Hi; I have a Phantom 4 and I use some Polar Pro 'landing gears' which lift the feet up by .75" and can stop the AC flipping forward / backward during landing. Excellent little things that weigh around 10 - 15 grams each - I bought them from Hobby Mounts but lots of places stock these. Then I saw an article with Simon Newton ('On the Kitchen Table') where he reviewed the Loc8tor system - a direction 'find me' tab that can be attached to the drone. I had a spare (got two, one is on the cat who we can now find when he gets locked in a shed!) so i attached it to one of the legs with a little 'waterproof' case it came with. This put one of the legs up to 25 grams in weight, so I added a little 'door stop' that is about the same size (think slightly bigger than 10p) to the other leg, so they weigh about the same.

    So cutting to the point....I now have landing gear and a tracker fitted to the P4, which add a grand total of 50 grams to the take off load. I don't believe this will cause me any issues but can someone just confirm? It 'may' make the battery last a little less (carrying more weight) but I can monitor that on the iPad anyway. But would this much weight, which is not a lot, make the thing unstable if I took it high?
  2. r62ewa

    Mar 30, 2016
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    I have never modified the weight of my Phantom but in this forum you will find options for float pads for the landing gear, tracking devices, parachute devices, extra batteries, or mechanisms to release various things from the air. Sounds to me like the weight you have added should not be an issue but I am no expert and have no experience, just going on the experience of others.
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