P4 Altitude ISSUE and Litchi mission

Oct 14, 2016
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Sugar Land, TX
So I've been noticing the last few days flying ( DJI GO) that my bird has taken off at zero alt and returns to same point at -12. Very concerning. Chatted with DJI and they instructed me to downgrade the firmware and then reload the newest. I did that. Went outside to test by running a Litchi waypoint mission. Noticed that my waypoints were designed at 150' but were running closer to 100'. I paused the mission before crashing into building roofs. Had to put in Mode A to get control and fly her back down. This really concerns me as I fly near airports and run mapping missions with dronedeploy. Without a somewhat accurate altitude I'm screwed not to mention it makes autonomous flight impossible.

On a side note, how do you can you change adjust altitude mid Litchi mission?
Is switching mode to A the only way to get control of the bird mid mission?
Can you cancel a Litchi mission mid flight?

Thanks in advance
Thats just great.......I'm flying an 18 point mission tomorrow. I guess I will watch it like a hawk, my lowest height is 50. Luckily its all within line of site
Its not Litchi that caused the problem. It was either the bird or controller. I've isolated it down to that.
Troubleshooting done:
bird firmware downgrade and re upgrade
confirmed controller firmware
uninstalled DJI Go and reload
Flew using ipad and also iphone
Flew using DJI go and also 3rd party app (Litchi)
Recal'd compass and IMU

Just got off the phone with DJI and they directed me to try and return and replace at nearest Best Buy since its less than 30 days old and if that doesnt work to send it back to them and be without a bird for up to 2 weeks....ouch
Often when an AC is having altitude problems, an IMU calibration will fix it.

Edit: Oh, you did that. Nevermind.

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