P3P for £999.99 what do you make of this?

Have a look @ some of there other stuff for sale its coming from Hong Kong price seems too good to be true.
£999 is the exact Euro price of P3P (in DJI store). £1198 is way over already.

£999 = €1397,52 P3P is €1399 in DJI store.
Thanks for the heads up. As someone interested in buying the P3 I looked into this listing a little further and discovered this is not a private seller on ebay. It was their June delivery that raised the eyebrow. They are a business called besthobbysite.com who is one of those Hong Kong online retailers that ship worldwide. If you buy direct from their website the P3 Pro is £827 but you'll have to a hefty shipping cost on top which will more likely be hit with a 20% VAT plus processing fee on the way to your door. However I did spot one their delivery options for this is ship to UK warehouse then ship from there to your door for £56 (10-20 working days).

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