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P3a with iPhone - Troubles/Maybe Fixes

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by flyingdream, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. flyingdream

    Jun 4, 2015
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    After two months of having troubles with Disconnected" and Lag issues with a P3a keeping Firmware & Pilot apps up to date (using an iPhone 6+/IOS8.4), I'm making headway trouble-shooting and wanted to share a couple findings from today. I've posted 2 other threads about this issue looking for help and though appreciated, nothing has really helped but the reseting of firmware, which got me to a place of semi-sanity and hope it's appropriate to start a new thread sharing these new findings that may help others. Two things louse-up (or fix by not doing them) 2 different P3a's connection dependability after resetting firmware. See this thread how to reset firmware.

    1. Airplane Mode - Upon turning Controller & P3 on and going from not being in Airplane mode (to cache map), then switching airplane mode ON invites the evil "Disconnect" trouble with my P3a's. However, turning Controller & P3 on then launch Pilot App while in airplane mode (skipping map caching) is virtually connection trouble-free. Also, I'm now waiting for blinking green lights on aircraft before launching pilot app (also seems to help). BUT, am I inviting a different trouble by flying mapless and how important is that, especially in case of crash? I cached maps yesterday and they didn't even stay in there flying the same location the next day - yes cache maps is on.

    2. IMU Calibration - After firmware upgrade, downgrade or back to current firmware (1.2.8), the unit suffers no "disconnected" issues if I test fly immediately without any calibration. Once IMU/Gimbal/Compass calibrations are performed "Disconnected" issues begin. Another tidbit, I can run "check IMU" and it comes out as "not needed". So I'm wondering if firmware changes DEFINITELY hose out previous recent IMU calibrations. Because if it doesn't hose-out previous recent IMU calibrations, and the bird is less flakey w/o doing them, well you get the picture, are they needed at that point?
    This thread shares good settings for IOS users:
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