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P3A out of focus - poor image quality Part 2

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Photofun, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Photofun

    Nov 1, 2015
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    I posted something a while back on this subject and also commented on another discussion on this subject. All said I did another "test" on my P3A and noticed the following.

    I had the chance to buy a P3 without camera in mint condition at a great price. My original P3 has the "older" motors and the new P3 has the improved motors. I removed the camera from my 1st P3 and fitted that to the new P3.

    I had to do a firmware upgrade on the new body, then I reset all settings and started from basic factory settings.

    From all the reading I did on poor image quality on the P3, and the info available it was clear in my mind that probably what happens is the following.......DJI just cannot manufacture these camera units with the lens in the correct "in-focus" position. Another aspect is these lenses just are not the best available....one see that in the different soft spot or poor quality issues in the image frame, in one case its bottom left, then top left........reports on lens defects are very inconsistent.

    All said when taking the new P3/camera up in the air I noticed the following. When taking images the image quality is not good at all, especially when studied a little closer up. The images are soft, poor detail, noise in the darker areas of the frame........typical cheap camera, small sensor problems.

    When recording video, the "image" is sharp, details or sharpness greatly improved, colors better, less noise in the shade areas.......a different camera.

    That said....to me this "proves" it cannot be a factory related camera focus adjustment issue. Seems these camera units just cannot do better when taking images!!

    Next step is to start experimenting with different image settings to see if that makes a difference........or to just sell it all and to get a Blade Chroma......
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