P3A battery run out on the sky, How do I recover my P3

Aug 3, 2015
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Due to the wind go against my P3A on the way back, P3 is not able to get back to Home point in time, so the DJI go app show the battery is about 7%, going down to ground in RTH mode, at the distance of P3 to Home Point is 500 meters ( about 1500') . The area is cover with hills and low trees so how am i going to find my P3???....
Here is what I did:
1. Using my Iphone to take a picture of dji go app Map on my iPad mini 2, to save the map which show the last location of p3(red arrow), Home Point ( green dot) , RC ( Blue dot). Just in case if my iPad have any issue I still know where is my P3 last location in my iPhone photo.
2. I get into the car, driving around follow the map is still on my iPad , and get to P3 location as close as possible, then climing up to several hills with my RC and iPad hang on my neck, I am looking at the map most the time, and going into the direction that slowly bring my RC and P3 together on the map, Lucky I found my P3 about 15 meters ( about 50') from the location show P3 on the map. Thank you for technology, can't do a search and rescue with out you.
3. Since my P3 have a gimble protection install and the P3 is landing on the top of small tree ,so no damage done and can fly again, very lucky for me.
4. Lesson for learning , Very very careful to fly under windy, cause the wind can change the direction and speed anytime and your P3 may go against the wind on the way back ,then P3 may not make it back before the battery run out. Also Start flying with fully battery charge for RC and iPad is help in my case above, since both is on for more than 2 hours during search and rescue period.
Hope this help my fellow P3 pilot out there.
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Sep 12, 2015
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i learned that lesson early on.

like today, I flew a little over 13,000 feet to record these giant smoke stacks and on the way I had a 12 mph tail wind, so I put put it in Atti mode and got there in no time cruising at about 47 mph.

On the way back my average speed was about 18. had plenty of battery left when it returned but I always factor in wind conditions before I make a long distance flight because I had only 12 percent battery a couple months ago fighting the wind on the way back from a LD flight and almost didn't make it back. :eek:

It was a terrifying event.
Feb 15, 2015
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Sydney, Australia
Yes - very lucky and a lesson learnt.

If i go out and it's really windy (which it is often as I live by the coast) I plan the shots to start against the wind (so I take off downwind if possible) and then have the advantage of the tail wind and a higher ground speed to get back home.

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