1. Green Phantom

    Improve Your Footage with a CPL Lens/Filter

    Hi I have done a review of a CPL lens/filter for the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. But you could get this type of lens for any Phantom. This was something i have been advised to buy a few times to help aid the camera when facing toward the sun to reduce the glare. This may be of interest to others...
  2. tml4191

    It Has Arrived... ND filters for the P4P(+)

    It's too windy to fly right now, but it's a perfect fit! The adaptor that was sent is a prototype, so expect a cleaner cut if you get one of them.
  3. jamesb72

    P3 - CPL filter tips to rotate/set best position ?

    I ordered a slip on Circular Polarised filter which came today, and fits really nicely, What I'm not sure about is how to know the best angle to position it, as obviously it can vary from fully blocking to open as you rotate it. Do people look through the filter held in fingers at the likely...
  4. P

    Polarizer filter - any gimbal issues?

    Hello, I´ve bought a circular polarizing filter for my P3A, but I need some advice. Is the weight difference between factory UV (2g) and my CPL (5,5g) any problem for the gimbal? May it cause any issues with gimbal motors? Should I use some counterweight, or just make gimbal calibration with CPL...
  5. R

    Need to replace lens

    So I've noticed that in some shots, there are blurry parts, and even though I have cleaned off the lens, I think it is still partially scratched or blurry somehow (I'm referring to the stock lens that comes with the P3). I have several ND filters now, but if you're shooting later in the day...