P3 Backpack Review

Jan 29, 2015
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Salt Lake City, UT
Thought I'd start with a disclaimer... no one has paid me to review their products and no one has offered me free product to review. So I'm still waiting to be bought off.

My backpack from ebay arrived today. It's the same type as I bought for my Vision Plus so I know the pack pretty well already. This one is specifically cut to hold the P3. The packs runs just under $60US with free shipping. It has nylon shell and foam interior. I doubt the foam is as good as what you'd see from someone like GoPro Cases but it's not bad.

Everything fit pretty good in the main part of the pack. The landing gear was a little tight and the foam pushed the legs inward just a little. You could trim about 1/4" off the foam if you'd like but I plan on leaving it like it is. The prop arms on the P3 fit perfect. You could leave the battery in the P3 but this throws off the fit of the P3 inside of the case so I'd not recommend doing this. There are 4 separate compartments for batteries. There is also plenty of room for the charger and extra cords. The transmitter was a little tight but it really fit perfectly. It slides right in and won't move around at all. There is no room in the foam for the props. You could cut out a section but I just store mine on the interior pouch of the cover. My P2 pack only had 2 hook/loop spots so I added one to the middle to this inner pouch. The P3 pack already had one attached in the middle which I really liked. There is no compartment for a tablet. I cut one out and it works very well.

There is a foam "cover". I needed to trim this slightly. I needed to make the battery area a little larger as the tops of the batteries are wider. It was easy to do. I had also cut a slot for my tablet in the lower portion so I cut out the same area in the cover. In all, cutting the foam took about 20 minutes.

The shoulder straps are known to pull free from the body of the pack. This is the biggest issue with this pack. I have a few sewing machines and it's quick work to reinforce the straps before they come loose. If you use them, they _will_ pull out of the pack. The lower nylon portion of the straps are very short. Most people will find the need to extend them all of the way and they will still be just a tad bit tight. A larger person may very well find that they are not long enough. You could sew more strapping to make them longer.

For the money I think this is a great pack. I'd say it's aimed at someone who wants to protect their P3, keep all of the parts in one place but really does not want to spend a lot of money on a pack. I've carried my P2 on a plane within this pack and it worked perfectly. It will protect your Phantom very well. However, you will need to sew the shoulder straps if you want to use them and you might need to add length to the straps.






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Apr 26, 2015
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Good review and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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