P3 Advanced 1080p Sony EXMOR 1/2.3” read on...

Yep, it's the same camera as on the Inspire, and there were many folks making GoPro 4 comparisons. Seems to be some minor differences where one camera will be arguable 'better' than the other based on framing and subject matter.
If it's the same one, what did they do to get rid of the distortion or fisheye?
Okay. Thanks for explaining that! GoPro's are 170 degrees, right? So that's a huge difference. Seems like your flying will need to be more precise if following action up close.
Also note that there are many 1/2.3" EXMOR sensors - unless exact model number is called out in specs for the GoPro, Phantom, and Inspire - the sensors may be different. However, newer is usually better.

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