p3 a controller will not stop beeping after new battery install

Oct 23, 2018
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need help p3 a want stop beeping after new controller battery installed also will not connect to camera for calibrations ????
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P3 A controller?
Is this the Remote Control?
If so, what was wrong before you installed a new battery?

Rod ..
It connected to my i phone 11 and flew well but battery went bad and i changed the battery and now it want stop beeping and will not link to camera It links manually to fly
Please help !
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Are will still talking about the battery in the remote?

Rod ..
This a P3A?
You have flown it before?
Remote is beeping?
Maybe the remote and the bird need to be re linked?

While I'm thinking :rolleyes:

Check out this link from @msinger site

If I don't help you, I will bug some others.👌

Your turn 👍

Rod ..
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yes flown in the past bird is manually linked no video and beeping still does not stop
Need help please
Sounds like the controller needs to be calibrated. This can be done on the DJI GoApp. ( I'm not an 'Advanced' expert......it's just what I've read on other Phantom Forums. ) Since the battery has been removed and replaced on the controller recently I would guess it lost its' calibration during the battery change.

Ok Rod.....back to you.....I'll hush now.......🤐

Mod removing that link (that would surprise me) :rolleyes:
If I posted what I really think of Fbook, that would be gone in 60 secs. :)

I just like sharing what I know and learning. 👌

Rod ..
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