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Optical Zoom

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jussaguy, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Jussaguy

    Jan 19, 2016
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    Why does everyone want them so bad?

    For tethered to the ground, non-flying people i understand the reason of course. We meet to change focal lengths and combime that stuff with exposures, ISO and shutter settings to get very unique looks where am optical zoom (anyone thinking of digital zoom should not join the converaatiom) serves what purpose for you so high and not even close to a tele.

    Zoom is used for a lot of other reasons for photographers and to less of an extent for films and video operators unless they are using it as a trick of a period piece like Blow or Boogie Nights to make you feel like a 70s porno.

    A recorded videos zoom should be in nobodies final cut unless Rom Jeremy is the direcot. If you knew who Ron Jermy is, you're a sicko ;)

    That is what is so great about the Phamtom is how organic it is. I prefer the pan of the Phamtom than that of my Inspire because the Imspire looks more mechanical because the bird easing and put just works better for me and I do know that's electromic to vs. a camera op panninh back ok topic.

    I don't say a great reason for the very costly addition of a ocular zoom which won't come cheap when we have all the dolly tracks im the entire world right this second if you are an inch off the ground. On the ground, you need tracks, someone to push, someone to watch the cam.

    I'll take a fly or a push in vs an electric zoom any day! Realizing it does have some serious use mad that's when we make our own rigs on our s1000. I wouldn't wish for something mg that they will be tally give and us one day are charge accordingly.

    Just a couple thoughts I've said but would love to learn why you guys want a optical zoom so badly with this cam for this type of recording.
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