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Online shops list - Europe

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mchrol, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. mchrol

    Jan 6, 2014
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    Poznan/Stargard Szcz. POLAND
    Sorry mates but I think I saw somebody posted a list of such shops but couldn't find by topics. Can anyone share with us, whos living in Eu where you purchase your multirotors,quadcopters accessories and spare parts. Which ones are reliable, having a big stock and have good prices and which ones should be avoided. You I mean online english websites with market with everything what our birds need to think,see and move up in the skies.
  2. DeweyAXD

    May 31, 2013
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    Oxfordshire, UK
    I deal with these UK based companies:


    Never had a problem with any of them so far.


    Good for purchases if in stock but their website frustrates me a little. I think their stock management system is pretty clunky to keep up to date so it suffers from 'out of stock' on some stocked items. You also get money off discounts per purchase but you HAVE to be logged in and pay by card to get them.... so if you use paypal you miss out on some decent savings!
    Their response time to email is also quite a bit slower than the rest (2-3 days average so far). All that said, all my orders come very fast and prices are pretty good.
    I think they are much likely better for popping in and visiting or phoning and I believe Richard Whelan aka HPiGuy (youtube), Wheels (here and DJIguys) works there now.

    Build Your Own Drone:
    BYOD is a large DJI dealer and re-stock every 3-4 weeks from DJI China. Mike @ BYOD has told me in the past that he can obtain pretty much any replacement DJI part (even obscure ones) within a month but carries a lot of stock (though right now they seem a little low!).

    FPV UK:
    Has some really nice people who go that extra mile in email responses. Simon especially was very informative regards their relationship with Fatshark and DJI when I had some informal questions while designing Shapeways parts and their phone staff are good. I purchased a XuGong which said 'in stock' but it wasn't and they were very good about it.... it may even have been my error but they discounted me the fast postage as it turned out to be on a 2 week pre-order.

    RC Geeks:
    Never had any dealings other than ordering online but are fast, reliable and keep really good stock on DJI spares including some parts that the above guys don't stock (internal power connector for the P2 for example). Well priced too.

    Fast with the emails (1 day max) on stock questions. Fast delivery, never had a problem.

    Unmanned Tech:
    Likewise good stuff from them. I had a stock issue with a part that was showing in stock but wasn't. They saw the problem, emailed me swiftly and re-funded me too. I purchased the FY G3 gimbal here. They are a Feiyu Tech dealer which is handy.

    www.buzzflyer.co.uk have a good reputation but they over price every item on their site IMO so I rarely buy from them. They are a big stockist of DJI so why they can't compete on price with all the others is beyond me.

    Hope that helps.
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