OcuSync 2.0 power output measurement and P4P v 2.0 controller antenna configuration ?

Jan 1, 2019
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Please excuse me if I have missed the answers I seek via the search engine.

I am a licensed amateur radio operator and have a power meters, antenna analyzers and a decent working knowledge of antenna tuning for the rf bands below 440 mhz.

2.4 ghz and 5.8 bands I have little hands on experience and nothing but "apps" to get a relative indication of wifi signals in my area.

I know a calibrated spectrum analyzer for 2.4 and 5.8 is more than i want to jump off in.

The RC Immersion v 2.0 or Rotor Riot meter i believe would add a bit of insight as I experiment with aftermarket omnidirectional antennas and possibly some of the more directional antennas available.

I have a Spark controller that I physically broke one of the antennas and plan to put it back in service.

In all the you tube videos I have run across a few that say Phantom 4 Pro Ver 1 uses 1 controller antenna for transmit...one for receive....I understand that is a Lightbridge system.

I find nothing online about OcuSync and weather it has one receive antenna...one transmit....

I am only interested in 2.4 gfhz and usually lock it to a Chanel in that band. Where I live....is a rural area and there is not an issue with 2.4 being overcrowded. I get substantially better range with the wifi Spark controller and P4P v2.0 Ocusync . I have PLENTY of trees...and 2.4 does punch through better.

It is my understanding the Rotor Riot special edition comes with extra cables that will allow direct hookup to many rf connectors found inside UAV controllers.

I mostly see just using the devices externally to to get a relative reading to compare with...

May sound simplistic but I should be able to get a reading when i place a meter say 12 inches away from the controller....I should be able to see id one antenna is transmit...one receive.....

If I replace the omnis on the spark controller....Id hope to see an improvement on the meter....but know well it could be less.....

It will be a while IF I ever dig further into experimenting with Ocusync 2.0.....I would apreciate insight on the separate recieve / transmit antenna config I referred to earlier.

Many thanks

Rhett Duke


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