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Notes from a newbie !

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Help' started by morph000, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. morph000

    Oct 15, 2014
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    Orstralia is our norf island !
    OK. I've got a Vision 2+ about 4 weeks old and I've clocked up around 5 hours with it. My phone is a Samsung Note 2.
    I've noted a few things along the way so though I'd post them for everyone's edification and for people to comment on.

    1. loss of audio/visual battery level alarm - works at critical point with audio/visual warning but NOT at 30%
    WAS working fine but just stopped for no apparent reason. The battery indicator on phone DOES red.First thing I did after purchase was (read the books) then do all firmware upgrades, so it's not an issue following a recent upgrade.
    2. If I remove the battery from the charger at around 90% (4th LED flashing) and replug it - it doesn't continue charging to 100% !
    FIX - while plugged in to charger turn on the battery for self test (quick push) then hold button so it "turns on" as per normal.(cycles up through LEDs) then charges up ok !
    Note - premature disconnection/reconnect - charger shows green led even though the battery isn't fully charged!. Do the above and it's red...not such a smart charger after all methinks.
    3. Would be nice to have the ability to configure low battery levels points...maybe DJI can put that feature BACK in.
    4. Lag in GPS satellite count relayed to phone. ie gps lock by v2+ within 15 secs denotes 6 satellites plus, but smartphone doesn't reflect that...takes a few minutes for satellite count to update on phone.
    Satellite app on phone locks 18 satellites in < 20 sec.
    6. changed to FCC mode (I get 2 beeps on Tx on) via screwdriver but vision assistant software defaulted display to CE mode - didn't seem to detect the change.
    Methinks it should as it only has to read that state of the FCC/CE switch and display FCC as current setting. Potential problem in the making here?
    7. Have noted Tx link can dropout even at close range (middle of footy field!) but regain seconds later!?
    8. Camera image (selected low res...)on phone can turn to crap. Go back to main menu then camera again and it's ok.
    9. All comments on orientation/placement of Tx antenna and wifi extender welcome.
    10. Owners manual re battery charge level is back to front. Thought they would have fixed that long ago now, even as the website PDF...
    11. Getting reports that reversing the power-up order is better.
    ie drone first (blades off.)then wifi extender then Tx.
    12. Out of the box and updates a few months ago and the camera version is wrong ! No such version, yet.

    Manually flashed camera and back to 1.2.5g

    Anyone ?
    I assume here that maximum field strength is at right angles to line of antenna so antenna should NOT be pointing directly at V2 ?
    Any benefits from a particular wifi extender position ?
    Orientation issue - phone oriented in holder with power button at 11 o'clock not 5 o'clock !
    Compass calibration - way way out on radar screen.
    Fix: Calibrated via "GPS Essentials" fre app.
    Also I use the Adaptive Rotation Lock app and that caused 90 degree error so added an app-specific setting for landscape for DJI Vision. Compass/radar not perfect !
    Thought too - maybe extending both antenna leads into the horizontal sections of landing struts would improve reception and from different relative (to Tx) positions ?
    Note on GPS lock - pays to be aware of solar flare data too as it will impact on satellites as indeed we're experiencing now.
    Try : http://www.spaceweather.com

    Just stumbled across the Solomon FPV Booster app - sounds very interesting.
    Anyone used it ?
    Update - bought it and so far, 2 days on, I've had ZERO dropouts, flying in the same place, same time, whereas before I got 4 or 5 per session. Increased altitude 50%, no dropouts! Testing continues.

    28/10/14 - Laser cut a custom mount for an LCD timer and attached it to the phone bracket. Nice clear display of remaining time !

    So..looks like a few bugs to be sorted by DJI but in all fairness nothing's perfect

    GRIPE - I think,given the critical nature of battery level, that the icon size (on phone) needs to be much more prominent and visible. - fixed with above lcd timer mod !
    Reduce the camera shutter buttons - they're too big.
    Any comments on above welcome !

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