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Newbie/NewUser Introduction

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by Aqeel200, May 3, 2014.

  1. Aqeel200

    May 2, 2014
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    I am new in here as well as a newbie. Just purchased a new P2V+ and overall i love it, even with some drawbacks.

    1. On first charge of the extender after 4 hours (Day 1 - LHS and DJI is aware of this situation as i complained to LHS immediately.), the right LED is constantly red when in off position. In on position, the left LED is green, the right LED is orange/green.

    2. Turning it off, the right LED is still red.

    3. As advised by DJI (thru the LHS), I left the extender turn on overnite until the battery is completely drained/flat. Recharge again to full, still the same.

    4. Used it as is for a few days tells me that the internal battery does not last long...suspect battery in the extender is bad.

    4. Sent to back to DJI for warrant after 1 week. The LED(Red) is still on when the LHS put and seal my range extender in the box/package to have it sent to DJI via DHL.

    The is the only issue that I have. Flying is very simple but must follow some simple guidelines/rules - to prevent issues and to manage risk.

    even without the extender, i still enjoy flying it and taking uncontrolled video of my children playing in the park..i have to aim the camera at them tho..I have never flown an RC before.

    Will do high altitude flight and video once the extender arrives back from warranty.

    While waiting for the extender to come back (minimum 1 month), I tried to use and configure an external repeater but failed to connect the camera to the extender...as I dont have the ip address of my camera, i only have the mac address and name of the camera. Investigation reveals that each IP address of the + camera is different, either fixed or completely blocked by the firmware...I am unsure as I cannot check. Unlike the vision, it seems to be fairly open and can easily use an external extender/repeater.

    just sharing my 2 weeks experience as a newbie introduction to the the phantom or RC flying.
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