NEW PRODUCT: Drone Crates Phantom 3 & DSLR Combo Case

Jun 15, 2015
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Las Vegas
Hi guys!

Excited to introduce a new product in our DJI line up. This case is designed for those looking to carry all the gear in one single case and is ideal for someone that needs to take both their Phantom 3 and DSLR out in the field for jobs.

More info on our website here: Drone Crates DJI Phantom 3 & DSLR Combo Case





Drone Crates Phantom 3 Roller Case Features:

◦ Made In The USA

◦ Padded & Removable DSLR Divider Set That’s Fully Configurable – Measures: 15.25” L x 10.5” W x 4.75” D

◦ (3) Carry Handles

◦ (6) Locking Latches

◦ Retractable Lock Up & Down Position Pull Handle

◦ Durable Rolling Wheels With Metal Bearing Make It Easy To Tow

◦ Molded-In Padlock Holes To Secure Its Contents – (Works with Standard Size Master Locks and TSA Approved Locks)

◦ Mil Spec Outer Shell Used By The US Military

◦ Fully Air Tight With Automatic Air Pressure Purge System

◦ Water Tight

◦ Premium Polyethelyne, Closed Cell Foam

◦ Water-Jet Cut Foam Insert – No Cheap Die Cutting

◦ CAD Designed For Optimal Fitment

◦ Lifetime Guarantee – We Fully Stand Behind All Of Our Products

Case Holds The Following:

(1) DJI Phantom 3 ( Professional or Advanced)

Multiple DSLR Bodies & Multiple DSLR Lenses

(1) DJI Phantom 3 Remote With Tablet/Phone Mount

(1) DJI Phantom 3 Wall Charger With Plug

(1) 7” or 10” Tablet

(4-6) Spare Prop Storage

(4) Micro SD Card Holders

(7) DJI Phantom 3 Batteries (6 storage cavities + 1 inside the Phantom)

Prop Removal Tool Slot

(2) Lower Accessory Cavity For Additional Camera Gear, USB Cables & Extras (Measure 5.5”W x 7.5”L x 5”D)

Case Exterior Dimensions:

28” x 22” x 15”

Pre-Order/ Ships 2nd Week Of October: DJI Phantom 3 & DSLR Combo Case

Also please note all Phantom Pilots Members can receive $30.00 off shipping cost by using COUPON CODE: PP30OFF

Feedback as always welcome.
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That sure looks a lot deeper in the pictures. Looks deep enough to stack a couple P3's on top of each other. Looks more like 8" the 4¾" :)
That sure looks a lot deeper in the pictures. Looks deep enough to stack a couple P3's on top of each other. Looks more like 8" the 4¾" :)

Hi Reed,

The 4.75" is only the depth of the padded divider and not the entire case. Below the padded divider is there are two large accessory storage compartments that measure 5.5" W x 7.5" L x 5" D
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I can by a pelican case and cost me a lot less

Not of this size and not designed to carry both the P3 and DSLR gear. This is a specialty case designed for Pro users looking to keep all their gear in one case. We have had several requests by Real Estate companies and Law Enforcement for a case like this and that's why it was built. We understand its not for everyone.
100 percent a pro case, made by a great company. Let put this in perspective that white lens in the photo is probably around 1500 to 2500 for that lens. 425.00 is a drop in the hat for what it will protect. You also have to remember showing up to a shoot with several cases that have pluck foam or the alike can be viewed as unprofessional an even disorganized, especially with camera equipment it is designed to carry.
So if I park a Ferrari in my garage I can sell my house for double what it's worth?
I have Pelican cases and I have Kris's DroneCrate for the P3.The DroneCrate is perfectly matched for the gear and is superb quality. I find it better than the pelicans(had them for years).
Kris said he's building them for special purpose and offering them to others if it suits. If I act professionally I don't think client care whether I have pelican or DroneCrates but
dang .... that DroneCrate sure looks awesome.
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