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New Phantom 2 Owner - Basic P2/vTX Questions

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by headshothills, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. headshothills

    Feb 9, 2014
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    Hello Everyone...

    New to sight and new Phantom 2 owner... In the past week I have searched and read more than my eyes can handle. And while I know every forum has a great "Search" function for finding this type of information, a lot of it is spread out and mixed.

    With that said... This is the setup both my buddy and I have:

    Phantom 2
    Zenmuse GoPro Gimbal
    GoPro 3+
    Mini iOSD
    FatShark Attitude SD Goggles w/ 250mW vTX
    FPV Plug & Play cable for vTX, Mini iOSD, Phantom 2

    My questions are the following...

    1) Where to mount the vTX for the best Antenna placement for reception.
    I have searched and read various posts in regards to placement, some coming out the back and 90 straight down, some out the back and 90 straight up between the props (1/2" clearance), even custom configs with P2 landing gear completely replaced with aftermarket landing gear and the antenna running the length of the landing gear leg. So what is the consensus on the best location/placement and antenna angle for reception....

    2) I have read various posts about upgrading antenna's and the Skew-Planar antennas seem to be the choice from what I have been reading to increase FPV viewing distance. So which antenna MFG I guess is the question for this type of setup to produce the best results.

    3) Phantom 2 antenna... again being new to this, but not new to the R/C world... What is the range of the Phantom 2? Would the vTX outrange the Phantom 2 controller? Even if we upgraded to the 600mW over the 250mW for vTX, at some point I would think I would need to extend the Phantom 2 controller range to meet or exceed the vTX range...

    Our primary photography will be in the boating world. Living here in AZ and being an advid boater, we go to a lot of Poker runs and boating events. Some of the big Poker Runs when spectating instead of running put you way out on the sidelines, so being able to get footage will require a bit of distance between flight controller and the boats racing. So the idea is to understand the limits before putting myself into the situation. And yes, we will be doing plenty of testing to truly understand the limits before even attempting, but its nice to have the statistical limits and physical requirements in place to achieve the best result before attempting.

    Im sure I will have more questions as they arise, but thanks in advance for your help and support....
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