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  1. rexster314

    Dec 2, 2014
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    Bought a P3 4K last Friday. It had severe video dropouts that sometimes would reconnect, most times I would have to land it and restart everything to get it back running. Took it back to Fry's on this past Monday, got a store credit, and paid more for the P4. Best decision I've made in a while. I changed the Lightbridge connection from auto to custom, selecting another channel which really helped. The P4 seems so much more stable than the P3 and the P2V+ that I've had since Dec of '12. I've been really impressed with the quality of the kit, and after charging up the batteries and updating all firmware, it literally flew straight out of the box without a hitch.

    Here's a sample of it. The owner has a good outlook after almost having his house flooded over the last several days.