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New FC40 user here with questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by efbld2f, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. efbld2f

    Apr 19, 2014
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    Hello. I finally bought a Phantom. I've seen video after video for a while now and finally had to just buy one. I had some questions that I just can't seem to get answered, though. Hopefully, some of you with more experience can direct me:

    1) Do the gain or helix 5.8ghz antennas yield a worthwhile result without a repeater or booster? I sure would like to clear 1000m controllable range under optimal conditions.

    2) Does anyone know what type of connector is on the Dji Phantom fc40 controller antenna? Is it SMA? I would really like to explore upgrading the 5.8ghz TX antenna to one with gain (+5dbi or greater) and was hoping that it would be a direct connection as far as electronics is concerned.

    3) Do I need to upgrade the TX and RX antennas or can I just do the TX? Is there a marked benefit to upgrading the RX?

    4) Are there any diy amateur methods for dramatically improving the FPV range? Otherwise, I intend to Skype my phone to my tablet and use 3g to maintain video connection. My phone weighs 4x as much as the featherlight camera, so it's not my first choice.

    5) Is it possible to program the return-to-home function so that the FC40 auto climbs to a set altitude before beginning to descend at a set distance from home? i.e. if I'm 600m away and it loses connection, I wouldn't want it to fly straight home and into something. Instead, it seems far safer for it to climb to a safe altitude before making its return.

    6) How fickle is the 5.8ghz? I know L.O.S. is preferred, but is that an absolute?

    7) Is any flight data displayed on the FC40 / Android linkup when using FPV? Altitude, distance, speed, etc.?

    Those are the big ones. Thank you for reading!
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