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New dji phantom 2 vision owner (multiple questions)

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Help' started by TheDaveStream, May 19, 2018.

  1. TheDaveStream

    May 19, 2018
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    Hi, I brought a second had phantom 2 vision Friday but have multiple questions.

    It has been customised, there is a gimbal on the bottom (a g-2d according to the stickers) though the phantom 2 original camera came with it along with the sliced off plug :( the guy said only power is hooked up to the new gimbal but I should be able to wire the motors to it for use in the app?

    The app.... I managed to get the vision app from dji website (android version in apk format) and install it but when I boot it up and connect to the WiFi extender I get no telemetry and I can not for the life of me figure out how to get the app to connect to the WiFi of my action camera!

    I hooked the main body to my USB and used the assistant to check its firmware was current and according to the app all is good there, I was also able to verify both batteries were full...

    When I turn it on the led lights flash slow yellow fast red fast red. When I turn the controller on the slow yellow turns to a slow green but the two fast reds still present. I could not find the colour codes listed beyond a mention that fast red means low batteries.... But both are full

    I took it to the middle of a park near me, devoid of people and had planned to just hover it a few feet... Make sure it works basically.... It started up I go to lift off, it goes up a little drifts sideways, hits something( I think) flips over one Propeller broke in half... It was really hard to remove the propellers lol

    So my questions :
    1) would it be best to attach the original camera back on? If so what's the best way to deal with the cut plug?
    2) how do i get the app to work? Videos I saw before purchase showed overhead map, speed, the works
    3)if I keep the replacement gimbal, how do i add my cameras ssid? (do I need to make a Bargoed with the details?)
    4) could my camera be too heavy and caused the drone to drift and flip like it did? Or have I been sold a lemon(he seemed trustworthy enough etc but there's always that risk second hand)
    5) what does led colour code slow green fast red fast red mean?
    6) any tips for a new guy?
  2. TheDaveStream

    May 19, 2018
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    Some updates:

    I replaced the custom gimbal with the original camera.
    The original though only seems to be capable of up and down...well capable of up and down when you move the drone as I still can not get the app to work :(

    I checked binding in the app where I had tried to bind to my go pro clone and tried to rebind the drones original camera.
    I used a network sniffer to get the cameras mac code (100% sure it is the right one) added it in the new camera section and clicked the tick only it does not save it :(
    Tried to reset the extender and do it again but still where the videos of how to do it show "binding successful" I just get sent back to the menu

    My blade protectors and replacement blades arrived today (strangely the replacements are plastic in the centre not metal and despite it claiming on amazon to be stronger they look more fragile, may just replace the snapped one with one of these rather than all 4.

    I realise the drone I have is out of date and that I am new to this hobby, but many of my questions remain and I could really do with advice. Any idea how to get the camera working with the app, or at the very least how to get the telemetry working with the custom gimball? As well as the questions in the first post

    additional questions:
    If I give up on getting the app to work and place the custom gimball back on is there anyway to view the go pro (ok its a go pro clone...but it has wifi) in flight?
    Since I can not see the battery status one of my main concerns is the drone will drop out of the sky, will it? or will it detect its low and fly to "home" (got a feeling thats the app that i cant get to work that does that...hoping i am wrong, though to suddenly have the drone take over will be a scary moment)

    Also, is this forum the right place to ask these questions or is the phantom vision 2 considered too old to support? I have a real horrible feeling I have brought a lemon for my first drone :(
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  3. landmannnn

    Jan 18, 2015
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    Coventry and Limoges
    Yes, it is the right place to ask. As you say it is a few years old in terms of technology, but it should still work and give you some enjoyment!

    Firstly, you have learnt a life lesson, whatever you buy, make sure it works and don't buy anything modified.

    Secondly, read the manual. Then read it again. Then follow what it says.

    Return it to standard and get it working.
  4. TheDaveStream

    May 19, 2018
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    I reconnected the plug, soldered the wires and insulated them, placed the original camera back on the drone and although I could see camera with a wifi sniffer and the gyro etc worked, I could not connect to it with my phone and the dji vision app.
    I reinstalled the custom gyro and mounted my camera on it so i could record some test footage.
    I was unable to connect to the drone full stop with the app, I suspect that the camera wifi may transmit the tracking data as well as the image but since i was unable to bind it I will never know.

    I then proceeded to find a safe, legal place to test the drone out, took me over an hour to locate a place that was large fields, no traffic, no people, no livestock etc and for 10 minutes I experienced the joy that is flying a drone. The footage is likely to be/would of been fantastic. why the past tense? well I was hovering in the air in the distance when one end jolted up and the whole thing dropped (likely to have been shot with an air rifle, thats my current theory) it landed in a field of rapeseed oil plants (thick yellow plants). A brief search did not turn it up, then a 2 hour search (using the tractor tracks in the field so not to desturb the crops, plus a camera on a pole) did not find it, brought a cheap £50 drone to hunt for it....that is stuck up a tree now in a different field (with no crops as i decided to test the drone where it would not get lost .....the irony of that is not lost on me) and will be retrieved once my mate with a car is free (carrying a long pole or a ladder is tricky on a motorbike lol)

    so I am no longer a drone owner. (full thread about it I no longer own a drone :( (sort off) )
  5. RedDog7

    Apr 12, 2018
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    Gee, you sound as if you've had a bad run Dave, I feel sorry for you, but please don't let it beat you. I'm also guilty of buying without trying, mainly because I live too far from any sellers and have to buy blind. Sadly, just recently I'v had more than a bad run on an on-line selling site known as Gumtree. A P1 which was advertised as flies well, turned out to be given swimming lessons and will never fly again. Another one which only had a video fault needed two ESCs and Two motors, plus the gimbal doesn't work. It amazes me that people will blatantly lie and think nothing of it and even abuse you for daring to buy it or completely ignore you.

    It sounds as if you got a lemon mate, a really bitter one. I hope you find your bird and because it's in a crop field it may have been saved by the crop itself and cushioned it. Your best bet would be to set up a grid pattern search, much easier if you can recruit a few friends and offer beers on you when it's found. Whatever you do, don't throw it away if it's wrecked. There's a good chance you can pick up a similar non-working Phantom and use the old parts to get one of them flying. I've managed to get one working in this way and have enough parts to get another one flying when it arrives from Canada. You've had a small taste of the joy of flying and it's even better when it's something you've rebuilt yourself. As for it being old, so what, they're still driving cars which are 100 years old, why not a Phantom. In fact I prefer the old craft, it doesn't hurt so much if it crashes. I hate to think what it's like to have $1,800 worth of Phantom fly away. And remember, it happens to the brand new models as well. Good luck in finding her and Happy Flying when you get back in the air.
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