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Need advice about traveling with LiPo's

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Larry D., Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Larry D.

    Jul 19, 2015
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    OK - I am in Florida - hot as hell all summer - 90+ everyday. Winters pretty warm all the time also...
    Forget about it inside a car.

    Honey, lets take the kids to visit our relatives on the other coast! (of Florida) just a four hour ride...

    I want to take My Phantom 3P to get some videos and pictures while we are there.

    Great! Lets pack and get in the car.

    Sorry little Johnny... you will have to ride in the trunk because I need room inside the car with the air blasting, for my LiPo's so they don't catch fire and/or explode - Wife: "WHAT!!!!"

    Oh OK everyone is hungry and wants to stop to eat... Who wants to sit in car with A/C running so my LiPo's don't get hot and catch fire and/or explode???

    Oh wait - never mind - here honey you carry these in the restaurant with us... WIFE: "WHAT!!!???

    Etc... Etc...

    Just kidding... LOL! :) All kids are grown... But seriously...

    What really should be the correct protocol in this type of climate etc... traveling. Or for that matter having the batteries in the car at the park flying, or whatever? Leave car and air running?

    I have also thought about at home - power has gone out for days? Concerns? From what I have read etc... LiPo's should be stored cool and dry out of direct sunlight - around 76 degrees or lower - and charged or decharged to 30%-50%. I have to keep them inside house with air conditioning - garage etc.. not and option for me.

    What do others do that may live in very hot climate? THANKS.
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  2. Ti22

    May 13, 2015
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    San Diego
    Healthy Rc Lipo can handle 100F or so without any real problems IMO. However, I certainly wouldn’t do a full charge at 70F and let them rise to +100F.

    But, at 3.85V/cell room temperature storage charge I’m never too worried about 100F temperatures. Maybe even a little over that.

    But inside a closed car can quickly reach over 140F and that’s a no-no although they do perform well at those high temperatures. LOL…

    I use large amounts for another application and while traveling I either leave them in a cooler in the car or just bring ‘em with me in a bag. But that can get weird for various events, functions.
  3. Larry D.

    Jul 19, 2015
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    So my kidding sarcasm wasn't all that far off then...
    Cooler? moisture prob? Maybe I need to move to a cooler climate LOL!

    Thanks for the info!
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