Mike Rowe battles a drone with shotgun in hand

Oct 9, 2016
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On a Ridge in PA
This will not help us, not Rowe talking about it, the guy that flew the drone.

Transcript of drone part;

Rowe Well it's a big week. I was uh in the midst of what I thought was some bizarre gardening dream and in the dream uh a bumblebee was in my ear. And when I awakened I realized A: It wasn't a dream and B: It wasn't a bee. But there was a buzzing sound and it was coming from the other side of my bedroom window and I leapt from the bed in what I described as my favorite pair of imaginary pajamas. And I pulled the drapes aside and there was a camera hovering, not in mid air, but from the belly of a drone and the drone was making this horrible buzzing sound. And I was standing there in my horrible nakedness not fully awake but sentient enough to know that something had to be done. So I retreated to the uh bed, pulled the Mossberg 500 from underneath.

Gillespie And, by the way, do you get a uh is that a product placement?

Rowe It's not. I just like the way I feel when I say Mossberg 500. It's a great shotgun. I keep it locked and loaded and the familiar chunk-chunk is very gratifying.

Gillespie Now, this is in San Francisco.

Rowe It is.

Gillespie So is that legal to have a locked and loaded shotgun?

Rowe It's it's it's it's hard to know. Uh but uh probably not.

Gillespie Okay. So, now you're naked with a shotgun. And the drone.

Rowe Right. So, so technically not naked. You know? Clothed in the security that can only come from the Mossberg 500.

Gillespie And I'm assuming like most gun owners you're, now you're fully erect as well, right?

Rowe Well, naturally.

Gillespie Because that's- the gun is an extension?

Rowe Well- partially. And to be fair it's very difficult to tell, in my case, the difference between me fully erect and a Mossberg 500. In whatever state I happen to be in, I uh I ran down the stairs, with the gun out onto the deck and I looked up to where I had last seen the drone. And the thing had actually hovered in a little closer to the window. So I had a great shot, blue skies, totally clear. I tilted up just as the GoPro on the drone tilted down and I saw the red light blinking which immediately told me it's recording and there's a chip in that camera. But what I didn't know is is the drone operator, some worthless little pervert within a mile of me looking at a monitor, is he recording it there as well? And this all goes through the reptilian part of your brain very very quickly, you know? But all you can really think of is 'if I pull that trigger and revel in the satisfying tinkle of cheap plastic falling down onto the deck uh is all of it gonna pop up on the internet, you know, moment later?' So I- I froze and the drone flew away and I got one shot of it from my iPhone and I posted that and shared the story.

Gillespie On your Facebook page, yeah. So, has the footage has not surfaced as of yet?

Rowe Not to my knowledge uhm I'm fairly sure I'll know about it when it does.

Gillespie We will be getting our offer to you to own the footage probably with 30 to 40 minutes, so, you know, expect that.

Rowe Well thank you. I'll direct you to TMZ where I'm sure a healthy bidding war will, will unfold.
Sep 18, 2016
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to be honest, that was a pretty funny back and forth there.

this is definitely bad press. i'm not a fan of people getting the idea that the correct answer to seeing a drone on one's property is to blow it out of the sky.

but i can't say i wouldn't have shot the thing if i was in his position.

any tool can be used the wrong way though. it'd be no different (and probably easier) if the peeping tom was in a tree with a long lens... just because there are people who do this kind of thing, doesn't mean more regulations. they haven't restricted the sale of long lenses or hidden cameras
Mar 9, 2016
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l would have definitely blown it out of the sky. Any pilot including myself would deserve it. Because of people like that is the reason most think there getting spied on.

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