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Lost controls of sticks of phantom 2 Dji transmitter

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by TahitiDji, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. TahitiDji

    Feb 24, 2014
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    I have received a brand new P2 with Zenmuse H3-3D package, I'm not flying with the gimbal yet, I practice to lean how to fly, I'm a beginner in quadcopter.
    I need help to solve my following problem.
    I have received the package with firmware 1.0.8, make all calibration with the rc assistant, with Phantom 2 assistant too.
    All the IMU Calibration are OK.
    I have done the basic calibration and the advanced calibration too.
    I went and tried to fly,
    My batteries in the transmitter are all news out from the box.
    I'm in Phantom mode in GPS mode, I start up the P2, it have the yellow led flashing slow, then it found the satellites and start flashing speed green led then slow, so I make the compass calibration ( i use to do this every time I start up and use a new battery), all goes good here.
    So I used my 1st full battery without problems, the fly was good for me, I practice not too far like 2 meters high and make some square like 10 meters far from me, but the 2d full battery at nearly 5 minutes of it I have no answers from all the sticks of the transmitter (I use the original Dji transmitter), the P2 was near from like at 2 meters, as I saw that it isn't go left, right, up, down.... I go near from it to grab it.
    So I grab the P2 in the air and shut it down on the battery button.
    I use then after 5 minutes of wait without any battery in the P2 another battery, the 3rd which was full, I have the same problem.
    And I wait another 5 minutes without any battery in the P2 and go to fly my 4th battery (full too), and the problem repeats again.
    So I go back home and make the upgrade to 2.00, and the day after I went to do the same test with all full batteries and the problem repeats again and again. I have change the batteries in my transmitter too
    At the beginning of the problem, I saw that the P2 reacted really fast when I push slowly to any stick of the transmitter, and after no more answer to any sticks of the transmitter.
    I then do the last upgrade of the firmware 3.0.4 of the P2 and all the calibration of the transmitter to with the P2 assistant and the RC assistant too.
    And again the same problems repeats, no so far this afternoon, I begin to fly with 1st battery which was full, and only 5 minutes of fly the the problem begins, I think that I'm very lucky to have grab the P2 all the time the problem begins, that's why I fly not to far to learn.
    So I need your help in my problem
  2. Sanababit

    Apr 20, 2014
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    Hi, When you loose control of your phantom, what color leds do you get from the backside of your phantom?, you did calibrate your transmiter with the rc assistant and then in the phantom assistant too right?

  3. TahitiDji

    Feb 24, 2014
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    Hi Sana

    When I fly the back led flash in green, it is in Phantom mode with the stick in GPS, when suddenly I fell in the stick that the P2 doesn't react as usual, as a good reaction to right or left or high or low or other direction , but the led are flashing green at this moment of transmitter sticks lost connection. and then non reaction in all the sticks, thats' really strange.

    I calibrate my transmitter in the rc assistant and in the phantom assistant too right.
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