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Local News Broadcast Ban of Drones Over Appalachian Trail

Discussion in 'News' started by isle, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. isle

    Apr 13, 2014
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    Re: Local News Broadcast Ban of Drones Over Appalachian Trai

    As an owner of a FC40 and a veteran of a 4 month plus hike from Georgia to Maine thru hike on the AT I totally agree. When I bought my quad I was looking forward to taking it to the Grand Canyon and other National Parks which the AT is part of, for some still and video shots. But now that I have been flying for the past couple of months and see what the quad can do I am glad they do not allow them. I am an avid photographer and would not want to intrude on other peoples enjoyment of any park In watching wildllife or a sunset or just enjoying the quiet as I myself would not want to be bothered. Although I am bummed about the lost opportunities there are still a lot of cool places to fly for picture taking. In the parks as on the trail I would not want to hear, or see the quads, there are too many people out there flying that are not responsible and do not have any respect for other people, as we see time and time again in this forum