litchi waypoints issues - looking for help diagnosing what went wrong. Phantom pro 4 2.0

Manual? Manual? We don't need no stinking Manual! OP does though. Here's another helpful hint. For those of us with thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours invested into increasing UAV application, securing public support through education and public relations-- leading by example, serious recreational activities or professional endeavors (Part 107 pilots like myself) with monetary concerns, you bet your bippy (dating myself!) you'll get called out by inadvertently revealing to the digital public any illegal (UAV) activity and any apathy you might have about owning that activity.

Fly safe brother.
Yip just be cautious till you figure it out,,lucky it return first time and not hit nothing on return,,enjoy
I think we are getting off topic. Was really just looking to see what went wrong and not get legal advise.
Thanks tho.
Besides for the 1 road traffic jam the roads are empty. And i wasnt the driver.
I appreciate your concern and advise.
As a new drone user asking for help from more knowledgeable, experienced pilots is a great way to flatten your learning curve. I know your question started off being about Litchi, but I recommend taking away as much as you can from those helpful enough to offer some major saves when it comes to keeping your flights safe and legal. Those should always be priorities on the list. Honestly, I respect the professionalism of those that responded in a helpful manner. You'll get the hang of Litchi, just don't skip the basics of flying to do so or you could find yourself in real trouble. Happy flying!
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To amplify: what you're doing is illegal. Regs say you must maintain VLOS for the entire flight. Riding in a car COULD be an effective and legal way of addressing this, but Regs also state you can only operate from a moving vehicle in unpopulated areas. You have no way of knowing whether your drone is flying over people- whether it be 1 farmer, 1 maintenance worker, or a crowd, and if you're not able to maintain control of your drone for the entire flight, you're also breaking the law, you're putting other's lives at risk, and your actions are putting the public trust and the ability for those of us trying to make livings from flying at risk. If you f**k up, we are all going to pay for it, too, with stricter regulation, with less goodwill from the public, with greater requirements and restrictions (and their costs) forced on us. Please consider all of this going forward, and unless you can secure waivers (in which case, let 'er rip!), shelve this project.
Thanks for saying what needed to be said. From some of kivi12k's responses it probably fell on deaf ears. The good news is he probably won't have his drone for long. He also doesn't seem to know that reception inside a car is notoriously poor. Personally, I would not attempt what he did if I was standing in the middle of Death Valley unless I didn't care one twit about my drone. My bird was way too expensive to ever entertain an attitude like that.
This forum should not be taken lightly as most of the contributors are experienced and wise pilots that want to help where they can, even if you don’t always agree or like what they say. I have learned more by regularly reading the posts on the forum, than from any other platform.

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