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Litchi iOS beta 1.40 test, Map/Compass/LRF

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Air Ontario, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Air Ontario

    Jan 11, 2016
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    U.S./ Canada
    Just received the Litchi iOS beta update to 1.40.

    I decided to try something different on my first mission with the newest update.

    The Test:
    Instead of using the maps in Litchi to "find" and designate points on earth, then selecting them to create a mission, I decided to visually observe a point not visible on the map and use a handheld compass and LRF to set up a mission.

    The Target:
    There is a nav buoy far out in a lake near the house so I decided to see if it was visible on Litchi maps or Google Earth.
    It wasn't so I took a bearing with a handheld compass and shot it with a Laser Range finder(LRF) to get the distance.

    With the heading and the distance in hand I set up a mission in Litchi using those headings and distance. Using the Waypoint menu I entered the headings and the range so I could program a "waypoint" orbit of my "point in space/buoy" on the lake.

    Amazingly the data from the compass and LRF(bearing 270 deg and 2600 feet/ 800 meters) were on the money when flown by the Litchi beta software. Litchi flew precisely to the buoy 800 meters away.

    The mission flew perfectly and accurately using my heading and distance as waypoints on the Litchi map. I was a little off with my POI placement on the Litchi map, so my orbit wasn't perfect around the buoy.

    In summary it appears that you can easily input headings and distance to execute a waypoint mission just as accurately as selecting a visible point on a map.

    A great tool for flying missions on objects that can't be seen on satellite imagery or that have appeared since last satellite overflight/update.
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