Just got got back from using my P4 in Peru

Jun 28, 2016
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Alexandria, Virginia
Prior to traveling to Peru, I posted a question about the latest in taking a drone on commercial flights. I packed the P4 up with three extra batteries in a hardshell case and had no problems getting through security twice in the U.S. and twice in Peru. One of the security people in Peru asked what it was, but there was no problem. I took the P4 to Manu National Park in order to fly it over cloud forest and lowland jungle habitats. I will be posting videos from this trip on YouTube that can be accessed at the top of my website fishcrow.com. So far, I have posted one video that consists of footage that was obtained by climbing up to the top of a ridge. The launches were actually above the clouds, and the drone passed through some of them, but that didn't seem to be a problem. I went up to the ridge in order to get the P4 over a mountain and get footage of the vast expanse of undisturbed habitat that lies beyond. There was a small opening in the vegetation at the launch point, but there was a problem. The P4 didn't want to move laterally in the narrow space, apparently because it could see potential obstacles. It was necessary to reach out to grab it, and it was almost beyond reach. Is there a way to deactivate the sensors under those conditions? One thing I was afraid to try was to fly the P4 below the launch level. I wasn't sure if it would come back up to the launch altitude. Has anyone flown a P4 below the launch level in a mountainous area? The camera lens fogged up with moisture on the inside one day, but letting it sit upside down in the topical sun took care of that in about ten minutes.
Nice perimiter shots of peru , 30 min without seeing a single bird or animal.
Were you nervous flying in the clouds , seemed really slow with so much scenery to cover ?
The drone wasn't in the clouds very long. The thing that made me a bit nervous was trying to keep track of the drone in an area with peaks higher than the maximum flight altitude. I didn't want to lose the drone in the clouds and then get boxed in by topography. There are many, many birds in that jungle, but it is very difficult to see birds in that type of habitat. Peru is a rather small country, but it has more species of birds than any country other than Brazil and Colombia.
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