It had to happen - finally busted it and it was my own stupid fault.

Dec 28, 2014
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Canberra Australia
The three blade props arrived in the mail today (sheesh they're crap quality) but decided to spool them up anyway just to see. Despite a very gentle launch, she shot straight to the ceiling and sucked herself there and I stupidly cut the throttle far too much, and she fell to the floor. The rigid plastic mount the gimbal attaches to snapped on one corner.
So stupid. But I have finally broken something other than a prop. Now to train myself NOT to cut the throttle (nor to fly it indoors when experimenting).

Looks like I'm going to learn about gimbals next as I fix this little problem.
Breaking things sure makes you learn about how to fix them.
Thanks for this wise lesson.

We now know for sure: one shouldn't test out new props (specially 3 bladed ones) in the house. :)

But as you say, it gives you reason to fix things, and learn about them, and for some more than others, that's another great part of our hobby.

And in the process it gives you the unique opportunity to break and fix things in the house as well.
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Lucky no one was hurt. Hope your phantom is ok. If only the gimbal was carbon fibre..

Ceilings do the suction, walls does the vortex flip.
Well, it might be a good thing you tested it inside, it might have shot straight to the moon.
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Just out of sheer curiosity - why did you choose to try 3 blade props? I find the two blade reliable and good quality. Not trying to be argumentative - Just curious. It stinks you had a breakage - that happens to all of us - my worst one was stripping a motor on the gimbal - yep... total re-purchase :( (of the gimbal - not the Phantom)
I tried the 3-Blade because a review said they're quieter. That was the main selling point.
More lift at the expense of more strain on the motors might have it's plusses and minuses, but the "quieter" seemed like a good idea. Not that I'm planning on trying to sneak up on people with this thing. I laugh when people come up to talk and tell me I could use it to spy on people. They'd hear it from 100m away, and GoPro footage just doesn't give much detail at 100m ;)

I'm really concerned though at how she took off with so little throttle and took off violently.
No idea what the hell happened there. I can normally lift the bird fairly gently into the air, even with the ground effect as you first take off, but this went from the props spinning lazily on idle to the ceiling in a flash.
If the 3 blades give that kind of acceleration and thrust in normal use, I'd be quite impressed!! New speed records here we come LOL.
Not sure I would ever fire up indoors with props attached, unless seriously anchored. An impromptu return to home would wreak havoc. Fighting a Phantom in an enclosed space is not fun.
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