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Jun 8, 2015
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Have anyone used an iPad or iPhone with the new iOS 9 beta 2? At the end of the day, the P3P can fly with the sticks only (I fly RC airplanes and helis)...
you are a brave one.... not only on the leading edge with the P3 software and issues but now throwing in an IOS change....

Good luck - lessons learned for me is wait and watch others, which I will be following your posts.
While I can get beta software it is no longer worth my time. Just too many problems with third party software for me to worry about. With Windows 10 I will wait and the same goes for IOS 9.
I went out last night with an iOS 9 beta 2 iPhone 6+. I may have had a problem, but not positive yet. Problem I had was it kept taking a photo over and over. I couldn't stop it. If it was in the air, it kept shooting photos. I didn't have much time to look into it last night. I'm hoping maybe I had time lapse turned on on accident. Will likely get out tonight again.

Other than that everything else was fine. Flew for about 15 minutes.
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Went out tonight. Something isn't right. Still getting problem with non stop photos. I haven't checked card if I actually got a ton of photos or not. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, same result. Doesn't start until I take my first photo. Also was having a hard time keeping video feed signal after about 50ft of elevation. Was around some power lines but not sure if that's why or not.

Nothing else changed so other than the move to iOS9 not sure what could have caused this. Never tried that one.I'm running previous firmware.

Going back to ios8 ;)
What would be the point of flying P3P without a POV app?
I still have an Ipad Mini on IOS 8.3 (wife) to use it when needed. I did the upgrade to my Ipad Air 2 yesterday evening... I will check the reported photo picture issue. Upon confirmation of the issue, I will go back to IOS 8.3 (or beta 4).

@Volantis: Rightly so, there is no point in flying without POV in a P3P... But again, I maintain full eye contact with my bird... The POV is for filming or photographs (which is the core purpose of a flying camera bird)... but again, I am able to recover the bird without the app (more than 10 years flying RC choppers and planes). Glad to see I am not the only one here going nuts...;)
..Something isn't right. Still getting problem with non stop photos. I haven't checked card if I actually got a ton of photos or not.
Going back to ios8 ;)

That's happened to me too on iphone 6+ with 8.x IOS on a P3P. I had to reboot phone and everything restart normally... Never happened again. I've no reason for that.
Looks like only about 4 photos recorded, even though it appeared to be shooting non stop. A restart didn't fix it either. Will be reverting back to 8 and trying again. Interested to hear your results, Manuel.

Dome: Thanks for sharing, so I'm not crazy ;)
I upgraded the firmware and took it out on iOS 9 beta 1 the same evening and got this:
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I've not flown with iOS 9 beta 2 yet, this weekend I'll try it - I brought my son's iPad mini along on iOS 8.3 with the pilot app just in case but all has been good
Just flew my P3P, upgraded to 1.2.6 firmware and an IPad Air 2 (AT&T) upgraded to IOS 9 beta 2... I definitely did not experience any issue. Took several photos, video recorded, pictures taken during video recording... No issues. I need to check the exposure as it seems it was too dark... Will keep updating...
Is it classed as beta 4 or is it not just the same as beta 3 which developers got on Wednesday?
Either way iOS 9 beta 3 is superb, hardly any issues at all, feels pretty solid at this stage, hence the public release.

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