Installing a Phantom 2 Vision + camera and 3 axis gimbal on a Phantom 2 Vision Help

May 3, 2015
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Northeast of Philadelphia
I am relatively new to modifications and I was wondering how difficult it is to install a Phantom 2 Vision Plus 3 axis gimbal and camera on a Phantom 2 Vision. I jumped the gun and should have purchased the Plus in the first place but that is history now.

I have been in contact with a seller on eBay who has offered me the following answer in regard to if it is possible; "Yes you can do that conversion. You would also need the camera wiring harness and WiFi transmission module. I have all of it in stock. The wifi range extender on the Vision will work but the one that comes with the vision+ has longer range. I can supply everything needed for $575 and I will include the range extender(listed for $99). I can have it all matched so that it is plug and play".

I am looking for advice if this is a good deal and if the modification is actually as easy as it sounds (plug and play). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I have the same question. The price you were quoted sounds kind of steep unless the gimbal is included. From the wording I would assume it is. Keep us up to date on whatever you decide. I also wish I had gone with the Vision+
I've had the Vision 2 for 3 months and have decided to spend the rest of the summer earning my wings so to speak with it and put the money for upgrading the camera and gimbal toward a Phantom 3 this fall. No hasty purchase this time. There are so many benefits getting the Phantom 3 Pro and the $575 or whatever it would take to upgrade what I have is a third of the price for the P3. Good luck to you and safe flying!
I agree. I look at my Phantom 2 Vision as a training device. Not that it's not a quality product. I love it. The price was right with newer models hitting the market all of the time. I'll eventually move up to a different platform with gimbal and possibly a DSLR but I would hate to invest that until I'm an experienced pilot.
Pounder I just ran across a pretty cool product that actually is simply plug and play. It's called a Rotorpixel Gimbal and there are a bunch of YouTube reviews and installation videos. It's a little pricey $389 but it may be something to consider adding to our Phantom 2 Vision. I'm going to do a little more research and I'll let you know if I actually decide to order one.

If anyone out there has one I would appreciate your input!

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