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Insignia Flex 8'' Tablet Review for P3A

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hotevercleaer, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. hotevercleaer

    Jul 5, 2016
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    So I have 50+ flights now with my P3A over the last 6 weeks, and have pushed the range out quite a bit (but not past being able to maintain visual contact of course... ) and am getting very comfortable with the various flight modes / camera settings. I wanted to drop a quick review of the tablet I selected for the DJI Go App.

    Insignia™ - Flex - 8 inch - 16GB - Silver/White

    Quad Core @ 1.3 ghz, 1 Gig Ram, 8'' display in 1280 x 800, 16 gig storage, Android 5.0, Micro SD Slot, and ever so important, it has built in GPS.

    I purchased this with no dataplan (i dont think that is even a thing...), and cached quite a bit of Google Maps Data. Also, this tablet is dedicated to my P3A setup, so I installed an android app cleaner, and wiped as much bloat wear off the tablet without taking it to the level of needing to root it. I have it running fairly lean, and only have the DJI Go App running when I fly.

    So Far:
    0 issues so far as a result of the tablet selected. I have not had any lock ups, issues connecting, loss of video or lack of a crisp feed, lagg with the software, or anything to report. Everything has worked as I would have hoped.

    - CHEAP!!!! I got mine on sale from best buy for 59.99.
    - Quad Core + android 5.0 works very smooth, even before removing some of the
    - 8'' size fits fine in the DJI P3A Remote, no modifications needed
    - the tablet is white w/ silver on the back, and matches the controller perfectly... (if you have ipad envy, everyone will think it is an ipad...)
    - GPS works great. I have flown with my tablet sync'ed to my phone's hotspot, and also putting the tablet in Airplane Mode with Cached maps, and no issues with regular flights, or follow me mode in either scenario.

    - The screen's outer layer is very soft. I put the tablet into my aluminum cary case with some paperwork that had a staple in it, and it scratched it up fairly good. get a sleeve to keep it in if you store it in a case with other items that may damage it
    - The battery says it lasts 8 hours.... but that is under the most ideal conditions. With the screen on full brightness setting running the Go App, you get like 1-1.5 hours on a full charge. It does recharge quickly though, and you can get a good 30-40% charge in only like 20-30 min in a car charger...
    - most tablets have issues in sunlight even on full brightness, and it is also an issue with this tablet. you can see without a sunshade in full sunlight, but just barely... I will be working on a sunshade design in the coming weeks to try out.

    I hope this helps in the future if someone is looking for a dedicated tablet to use with their Phantom setup. I would endorse this option based on my experience so far. If something changes in the future, I will update this post.
  2. dtviewer

    Jul 24, 2014
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    Thanks for the review.
    I came close to buying one this past Saturday but since I couldn't find any when searching this forum I was afraid to try it.
  3. royster

    Jun 4, 2016
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    Mt.Albert, Ontario, Canada
    Good info/review, I;m going to get one, at the price, great to have a spare in case the old Asus fails me
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