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Nov 28, 2016
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Unboxing went fine, packaging is very well done and many of the minor details were done with detail, down to the plastic covers on the prop hubs. I powered on the RC and followed on screen instructions. After connecting to my home wifi and registering my kit through DJI, I powered on the Phantom. At no point was I asked to "upgrade firmware" and the RC connected to the drone with no issues.

I did connect the Phantom to the DJI Assistant 2 installed on my MAC and it showed firmware as up to date. I dont recall the version it showed as current but I seem to recall it was dated 12/9 ? and possibly the 4th or 5th version. I did do some crazy on screen calibration where you have to aim the camera and sensors at a graphic screen. This is difficult to do as the USB chord continually gets in the way.

I did leave the RC in beginner mode initially as I wanted the maiden flight to have some limits (just in case). I did look at a couple settings in the RC and turned off the GPS position for China. What is a little strange is that when I first took the phantom outside and clicked on the map it immediately pulled up a map of Berlin ?? It tool quite a while to recognize my location and downloading the map... Hopefully this will get a little better with time. I also noticed I am only locking on to 13 or 14 satellites.

At first I tried starting the Phantom by pulling the stick down and center, which fired the motors, but in doing so I no longer was given the option for auto take-off... I am not sure if this is as designed, but not trusting things decided to kill the motors and start over, this time firing the unit with the auto take-off option on the remote.

Flying around in beginner mode doesn't leave much room to roam, but does give you the opportunity to familiarize with the controls, albeit it very sluggishly. I noticed quite a bit of signal drop from the video feed, or otherwise slow to write to the screen. Keep in mind I was always less that 100 feet away from the Phantom and in a wide open area. Not sure if being close to my home (WIFI) resulted in interference, but hoping this gets better with time. It was a nice sunny day and the screen brightness was fine, even though the protective cover was on my screen causing some glare, i could see things pretty well.

Did a handful of take offs and landings, forward and backward flying, circular flying, camera adjustments, again to get comfortable with the kit. Ran through the first battery in about 20 minutes as I was only at 87% when I started due to the use during the setup.

All in all, the unit seemed very stable and easy to control, just need to become more efficient with the controls, going between the screen and line of site, etc... there is a bit of sensory overload that surely can be overcome with practice. I am happy with my choice so far !!
Nov 6, 2015
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GPS position acquisition will be faster in the future, the delay you experienced was due to a cold start where the GPS chipset didn't have a current ephemeris table (used to know which GPS satellites to look for) and if not present this information will need to be downloaded from a satellite, and that process causes an initial delay in determining a fix (and for some reason when the unit has no previous GPS location stored it thinks it is in Berlin.) But as long as the GPS receiver has a relatively recent table stored and you haven't moved your position a significant amount then future 'warm' starts will be much faster.

I agree that the disappearing auto-takeoff icon (if the motors are spun up) is initially confusing. My only guess is that before attempting an auto-takeoff the unit wants to know its current status for certain, and if the motors are off well then... that's certain.

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