IBCRAZY blue beam vs FVPLR antenna

Mar 3, 2015
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Alberta Canada
currently using a fat shark spironet on the 600mw transmitter, want to get a better one. Any comparison or review guys?

I already got the helical and patch antenna on my black pearl monitor. Just want to get one for the Transmitter side.
I am surprised that your current setup is not working for you. I have a IBCrazy Helical and a set of IbCrazy Ultra Blue Beams on the video transmitter and the Black Pearl. I can easily see out to 3000m and 5500m. I do not have any comparisons for the FVPLR antenna. For long distance I do point my Blue Beam antenna on the video transmitter 90 degrees out the left side. I do get a brief blind spot during the turn-around..
I am using a combination of both - I have BB Air Screw on the bird pointed downwards, and a BB Mad Mushroom on the receiver, which is paired to a FPVLR 5 coil helical.
At 1.5kms (4921 feet) If I don't keep the 5 coil helical aimed just right, then I lose video. So that tells me that the BB's alone wouldn't be sufficient, and that it's the FPVLR that is doing all the work at that distance. If I do keep the helical aimed well, then the video is rock solid at 1.5kms, and so I'm sure I could make the extra 120 metres to crack the mile. I just haven't done so yet as I get really nervous at those distances.

The vtx I'm running is an ImmersionRC 600mw.
Hey Zinnware, that's some wild range for your setup. I too have the BB Ultras on my rig, but I am using a 10db high gain panel for the other side of the BP. I didn't know IbCrazy had a helical. Is there more than one model? If so, which one are you using? One other question, I tried pointing my BB Ultra Air Screw about 30 degrees from straight down out the right side (viewed from the rear), hoping to shoot through the space beside the camera with no USB cable. But it seemed that my overall performance suffered. If I switch the Air Screw over to 90 degrees left, I would expect the short blind spot on turnaround, but would I have to match that orientation with the BB Ultra on my Black Pearl? Thanks for any advice...

And Ezookiel, I know what you mean about getting the heebie jeebies at those distances. It hits me every time between 700 and 1000 meters. I lost one bird on March 12 and just finished the last mod on my replacement this week, so I'm REALLY gunshy. Do you ever lose that "fear" at any time down the road? Just hoping...

Fly safe/fly happy (no hashtag)
I am still amazed at some of the distances people get. I had BluBeams and was only getting around 1000 m in rural and 600 in suburbs. All LOS. That included an Aomway helical. With FPVLR, I get about 1800 with the pentalobe in the rural, but the same distance as BB in suburbs. Fail safe also hits around 600, so I'm assuming interference somewhere. This is with a Boscam ts353 and black pearl.

Overall, I honestly think both are good antennas. The FPVLR are definitely more expensive, but Tony's after purchase support is something to consider as well. He has been great

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Gotta say fpvlr was amazing purchase for me. Yeap it cost some... but range is more than enough.

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