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I lost my charger, can I replace it with this?

Discussion in 'Phantom FC40 Discussion' started by miogpsrocks, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. miogpsrocks

    Dec 24, 2015
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    s-l500.jpg s-l500 (1).jpg

    7.4v 11.1v Li-polymer Battery Charger 2s 3s for RC LiPo AEG Airsoft batter HR

    Its a balance charger for 11.1V 2-3 Cell Lipo battery.

    Input voltage: DC 10-15v
    Output Current: 3*700mA (constant current)
    Cut off voltage: 8.4V, 12.6V
    Battery pack : 2-cell (7.4V), 3-cell (11.1V)
    Charger for 7.4v & 11.1v Li-Polymer Battery
    Charging indicator lights, auto cut off
    Safe and reliable direct current charger

    Titan B3 charger specs:
    Size: 90 x 58 x 34.5mm
    Net weight:128g
    Package weight:148g

    Packing Content:
    1x 2s-3s lipo charger

    I have not been able to fly my drone in over 6 months and I am afraid these batteries are going to discharge because I can't find my normal charger. I was hoping this might be able to act as a temporary substitute while I try to locate my normal charger.

    Any reason why this would not work? Seem to meet the basic requires for a LIPO battery(although for an airgun battery instead of a drone)

    Please let me know

  2. 4wd


    Mar 31, 2014
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    North York Moors
    I think it should be OK though be sure to watch it especially when the batteries have been sat a while.
    The P1 style batteries are used in a wide range of basic RC stuff which is why they are relatively cheap.
  3. PTCX

    Aug 25, 2013
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    You would be better off to find a charger that plugs into the discharge wires as well as the balance lead.
    I was charging my Fat Shark batteries with a charger that only used the balance lead and found it was not fully charging them.It stopped charging with each cell at only 3.8 to 3.9 volts.
    At less than $5 I would not expect anything better from the unit you linked to.
    You can still buy the original charger from DJI for $25.
    Buy Phantom FC40 Battery Charger | DJI Store

    As for your batteries it depends on what state they were in when you stopped using them.
    If they had been used and not recharged there is a good chance they will be good to go but if they were left that long with a full charge they may not be.
    If they are puffy or swollen they could charge up but then lose power very quickly when flying.
    Lipo batteries survive long term storage better with a low charge rather than a full charge.
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