I am stuck at work.

Feb 24, 2015
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I am stuck here and the wind is dead, Yea no wind at all today, and I am stuck at work.:( Don't get to many days like this. The weather man forecast 10 to 15 wind, and it is dead.
As soon as I get off work, the wind will come. Oo well no wind and 90 degrees is hot.
Some buddy cheer me up.
Hey Max, don't know if this will cheer you up, but it will let you know there are others dying to fly and can't. I had an unrecoverable crash on March 12 and have been grounded for five and a half weeks. Just finished getting my replacement bird finished with mods and FPV and my Trackimo came in the mail today. Only thing is, it takes TWELVE FREAKING HOURS for the initial battery charge on the locator. So I'm sitting here reading about others' flying fun, and watching the little red LED on the tracker blink. Can't fly till it quits blinking. The old lady gave me some valuable advice after I lost the other bird, ...don't fly without a tracker any more! So I'm listening to her, like I should have done many times in the past.

Maybe we'll both be airborne before much longer...:rolleyes:
Max, I'm in the same boat. And to top it off, I got a surprise inspection at the factory by the local F.D. right in the middle of lunch.

Fortunately it went well and I got a chance to finish my sandwich....but I'm still stuck at work. :(

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