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Hi from Mt.Albert, Ontario

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by royster, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. royster

    Jun 4, 2016
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    Mt.Albert, Ontario, Canada
    Hello all, last night brought home my new baby, the Phantom 3 advanced bought from Canada Drones, Dany walked me through the unboxing process, firing her up, loading software, updates & linking my tablet(Asus Tab). Went out at 8:00am this morning, & after reading Start up about 25 times we launched & hit the record video button.
    Holy cow, compared to my first drone (Syma x5c) this thing is as stable as a rock in space, simply amazing! We paused to figure out some screen symbols, tough reading the screen in full daylight, looked up & she was gone! OMG, my buddy ran for the car screaming -" Its gone back to your place, remember I hit the RTH button", but, this didn't make sense, I could hear the motors, He had the controller & I yelled "stop Alain", & ran up to him grabbed the transmitter & rammed the throttle full up, She appeared over the line of trees on the horizon, like a rocket heading straight up!
    My heart beating out of my chest, I let go of the throttle & she stopped dead, holding perfectly still (looking at logs later she sat at 135'). We figured sitting against the treeline on the horizon, sun in our face made it hard to pick the phantom out. We flew another 8 minutes, just getting the feel of the controller, amazingly stable & responsive, as you all probably know.
    Back at my house, we calibrated her again, & did some short flights/Vids for the family in the backyard, with an acre of room I felt pretty safe flying her , the platform being so stable & responsive.
    On another note, I flew the little syma x5c just now for my 4 boys to try & flying it to high, wind caught it & bye, bye shes gone, like shes pissed at a the Phantom replacing her & ran away from home! We did find, about 150' away, the 60' tree she's hiding in & will wait for a storm to bring her back to earth.
    I did go on & on a bit here, but, I;m just so **** excited in becoming a good flyer with the Phantom 3 Adv. & look forward to learning so much more about this amazing sport!
    cheers all
    Just an unexpected, wonderful expierence & I;m so looking forward to learning more from you who are willing to share.
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  2. orfranz

    Sep 25, 2014
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    just like when i had my first P2V+, we so eager to fly them and learning as we handle them.... shout-out from Brampton, Ontario.... flying P4 here
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