Has Anyone Drilled and Tapped The Motor Shaft On a Gimbal?

Apr 17, 2018
Just for fun! What are your thoughts on this idea?

Ok...I have a few P3P Gimbal and Cameras laying around that work great!! But the motor shaft falls out after some use. I can't ever remember the name of that motor, but most will know exactly what I mean.

The magnet end is in good shape! The hole in the center has loosened up over time for whatever reason. I've tried grooving the shaft a little to raise the metal a little more for a better press fit, along with the inside of the hub. Didn't last...

Looking around for a positive solution to make sure this never happens again, and since I'm cheap, I wondered if drilling,tapping, into the end of the shaft adding a small washer and screw, then add a make shift "key" out of brass that will go into the shaft and into the hub to keep it from ever coming out of alignment or falling off again!!!!

I have the jewelers/watch lathes to do this type of work, but my worry is that it would be making the shaft too weak.

I have one of the blocks that will hold all of that together, but it just seems big and bulky, there has to be a better fix. It keeps the camera part from falling off, but doesn't help keep the alignment.

Or Am I way over thinking this and should just buy new motors and hubs?:)

I like playing around with these drones, but I'm a mechanical person too! I really wish there were more options for these! With RC cars( well in my childhood at least) there were a million choices and makers of all types of goodys to change out and try. There just doesn't seem to be that with these. I really think there would be a higher percentage of people out there that would want to start off with the "basic" set up and take it further. Some carbon fiber, titanium, optional colors for props, etc... Why is my Phantom 3 so limited? Or is there stuff out there that I just haven't found yet?
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Jun 30, 2016
Most people just secure this one with epoxy glue.

But interesting idea. If you decide to do it, remember to take photos to share with us!
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