Hard Resetting the Phantom 2 Naza Firmware

May 16, 2014
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Sydney Australia
Credit goes to RickM
I haven't seen this before and I think it should be a sticky. Apologies if ii is a repost.
I think it would be good last resort if your gimbal/firmware/naza fails to update correctly.
Even better if you want to roll back your firmware.

My phantom 2 Vision + did the same thing after a software update. The gymbol stopped working, the camera working great, flying was great, everything but the gymbal worked. I found I had to reset the phantom. There is no reset button you have to actually short across 2 pins on the processor to make this happen and then reload the software. I found this
. If you follow it exactly as he shows it, your gymbal should work. I did and now everything is working great again. I didn't use the wire jumpers like he did, I got a small jumper from a computer store and that worked good. Good luck
When I grow up I want to be like him.

Thanks for the post Mako79
So, has anyone successfully used this procedure to downgrade below v3.08? I'm trying to get back to v1.08 (I know, super old..) which was working incredibly well for me. Wish I had never upgraded and now I'm on the verge of throwing this POS into the ocean!

I've read a few posts saying that there's no going below v3.08 though, even with the hard reset instructions in the video. Anyone been able to do it?
Welcome to the party Buddy...

I don't think this is what you're looking for, but it was shared with me recently and would like to pass it on here.

There is a great search link in my signature, follow the instructions and it may get you where you want to be.

Enjoy the show :D
Oh man... Sounds like we may be stuck with this horrible firmware for a while then, huh? Man. It would've been so easy to leave well enough alone.. They say "the enemy of good is great". Well, now I know what they mean. Thanks for the info. Hope to hear some good news somewhere.. In the meantime, I think I have myself a flying paperweight with an attitude..
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Getta bigger hammer... :eek:
Well. Looks like I'm going to have to send my quad and controller in for repair.. Now I have to wait 6 weeks and hope they can fix it, and hope I don't get charged. Very disappointed.

The take home lesson for me is NEVER upgrade your firmware for any reason.. While it probably works fine for a lot of owners a lot of the time, the risk of a catastrophic update is just not worth taking in my opinion.

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