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Happy Christmas with P3A number 4

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by rene van der meer, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. rene van der meer

    Oct 16, 2015
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    Since I bought my P3A I have had lots of problems. I have had 3 defective birds, but the problems finally seem to be solved.
    So for me this is a very happy Christmas :):):):)

    P3A 1: Lost video signal.:mad:
    The first one lost video transmission almost every flight.
    DJI Forum|Phantom 3 Advanced Defect On Arrival?
    Because these problems occurred within a few days I tried to swap it. My Dutch dealer did not want to do this. It took them more than 5 weeks.
    The RC was replaced with a refurbished one with lots of scratches and one of the antenna’s was broken. Through the forums I got into contact with DJI-Patrick. He told me I was eligible for the DOA procedure. The dealer could find the RMA number (did not want to?).
    I contacted the Dutch DJI support. They were of great help and swapped the P3A with a brand new one. I turned out that the 5 weeks were mainly caused by the dealer.
    P3A 2: Weak RC signal.:mad:
    The second one had problems with the RC signal. I got warnings almost every flight. Sometimes I could not get a connection even at close range.
    P3A 3: Complete DOA.:mad:
    The third one was sent to me just the Friday before my Christmas holiday.
    I could not make a connection with the RC. The DJI support suspected a malfunction in the RC or the receiver. I contacted DJI again on Monday. They sent me a complete one right way, even before I could ship the defective P3A to them. Before they sent it to me, they installed the new firmware and even made a test flight.
    P3A 4: 100% OK :)
    I have now my fourth P3A. I have done some tests and I have not encountered any problems. Today I flew 1000 m from my holiday house to the coast and still the signal strength was 4 bars.

    Next time I will contact DJI support directly and not a local dealer.
    Happy Xmas2.JPG
    A very Happy Christmas and the best seasonal greetings to you all!
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  2. FotoGeek

    Nov 30, 2015
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    The fourth time is a charm!
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