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GP Hero3+Black Video Settings on Zenmuse

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by marsmock, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. marsmock

    Aug 22, 2013
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    Sorry to post this topic here but I don't see camera settings threads. I normally shoot 1080/60fps. I have a shoot coming up and the DP wants 2.7K Cine RAW. Is this possible without jello or artifacts? Do I need an ND filter? Does one use ProTune or not? I plan on testing today but wanted to see what others have experienced. Thanks.
  2. traeger23

    Jun 16, 2014
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    I shoot 2.7K Cine almost exclusively on the Hero 3+, and usually have great results (something I shot the other day: https://vimeo.com/105948432). The Cine mode forces 24fps, vs. the "plain" 2.7K mode, which is 30fps. I have a few issues remaining with motor vibration on the front motors (I'm pretty sure this is from, shall we say, "percussive" landings while learning how to fly the Phantom) causing some minor jello, but this is greatly lessened with the PolarPro ND filter.

    One of the big advantages of the 2.7K Cine mode in Medium FOV is that props are usually not an issue, unless you're fighting a stiff breeze or flying forward at full tilt. Also, you have a lot more latitude in post production, since you can crop a pretty good chunk of the source if you need to. It also helps when applying any kind of stabilization or motion compensation if you need it. You have extra real estate on the frame edges, and don't need to zoom into the source 1080 image and lose resolution on your output.

    I do shoot in ProTune as well, with the Flat color profile. This results in a slightly less pretty image straight off the camera, but contains more color information for doing color grading in post production. I also set the max ISO to 400, to make sure it doesn't up the gain on the sensor and inadvertently overcome the shutter slowdown caused by the ND filter.

    Also best to set the color temperature manually, and not rely on the Auto settings, since big shifts in color in your subject can cause the color balance to shift mid-shot.

    Anyway, short story long, yes on the ND filter if you have it, and yes on ProTune.

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