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Go Home Not Work?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brain Stroker, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Brain Stroker

    Jul 10, 2013
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    Late July I lost my Phantom because the "go home" feature did not work. I lost my Phantom, Hero 3 Black + Phantom battery + GoPro Touch Screen + SanDisk 32 gig memory card.

    DSLR Pro's were kind enough to replace it and "support" from DJI Innovations support said that they did not support the GoPro because it was not their product. Their product, DJI Phantom, did not perform as advertised and caused the loss of the GoPro camera. What kind of an outfit is DJI Innovations if it doesn't stand behind their product? What kind of person is Collin Guinn? After all, Collin boldly tells everyone that if a wrestler slaps your transmitter out of your hands not to worry because it will return home. My experience proved him WRONG! Come Collin Guinn it's time to put up and back up your words. REPLACE MY GOPRO 3 BLACK EDITION WITH TOUCHSCREEN BACK AND SANDISK 32 GIG MEMORY CARD. PROVE TO THE WORLD YOU ARE A STAND-UP GUY!
  2. Buk


    Feb 28, 2013
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    Iowa, United States
    I would really like to hear the story of how you got a replacement. How did you prove it was a failure of their product?

    In the tiny print somewhere, the attorneys for consumer product manufacturers usually state they have no responsibility for incidental loss or damage.
  3. marcus_canada

    Jul 22, 2013
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    Don't forget to claim for the original Mona-Lisa painting it was carrying....... (That's why manufacturers don't support claims on 'extras').
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