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Apr 15, 2015
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i am new to drones (only a hubsan for flying practice) so apologies for a naive question.
Flew my new P3 today and I am surprised to see the titling not being smoothened by the gimbal.
See video here
Tried to switch between fpv and follow but not sure that makes a difference. Also moved the Quad at home and facing me- the smoothing seemed to work like a charm

Anything I am missing?

Also you can see later in the vid that horizontal lines show up. Perhaps due to the sun or to the fact that i was on low battery. Again, well known store?
You want Follow mode turned on for the gimbal to remain level.
The lines you see is the light from the sun as seen through the prop. To remedy this, you could use a sun shield over the top portion of the camera.
I just got mine yesterday and have this exact same issue. I was in follow mode and noticed that when I turn (not yaw) the camera turns with it.

And just like you said, I later held the P3 (advanced version) and looked at the camera and mimicked a lean turn with the quad, and the camera stayed exactly level as I would expect. It just didn't do that in flight.

And yes, the foam thing was definitely removed!
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Tanks all for the comments and thanks Ryan.
there is a similar post that came after mine. Same advice to be in follow mode (but I believe I tried both). Will try the tip to press the right button (assume one of the 2 configurable ones).

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