Fussy commissioning P4P+ plus a few issues with it

Nov 19, 2016
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Hi all

Yesterday I got my P4P+ from advexure.com - and I must say their communication, support and responsiveness is stunning. I highly recommend them.

Unlike earlier direct purchase attempts from DJI directly, and that was a nightmare. :-(

Anyway - my P4P+ took a long, long time to get going. It needed lots of reboots, it froze a lot, it sometimes could not communicate with the bird, it was frustrating, glitchy and slow. Even after I had set English, it offered up Chinese characters. Even after I had signed into my pre-existing DJI account, it wouldn't let me register the bird multiple times, even after multiple reboots. It was a lot of time……. painful.

Finally it was all talking to each other, and the firmware was updated on the remote and the bird, and also on all 3 batteries. The compass was calibrated first time outside (it requested this) but it did NOT request an IMU calibration ever. I had read somewhere else to not do it unless it asks for it.

I have not even seen the place to do that in all the menus. :-/

I few some short flights in beginner mode today, and my questions and issues are:

1) Sometimes when getting ready to fly, the remote says “firmware update needed” but then after about 10 seconds that goes away. Any ideas on this?

2) Sometimes Auto Take Off was presented as an option, but mostly times not. Any ideas why the variance?

3) In very light wind (3 mph maybe?) the bird is not stable at all, and it wanders around a bit, and drifts a bit. As mentioned above - The compass was calibrated (it requested this) but it did NOT request an IMU calibration. I had read somewhere else to not do it unless it asks for it.

Any ideas? It is not behaving as i have seen others do on YouTube. (rock solid)

4) When I land it manually on a firm surface, at the end of the power down it shudders quite a bit. Any ideas why?

5) I did briefly try to fly in Simulation mode, and it was connected, but I could not figure out how to actually take off. Any guesses?

6) At one point when flying it, i somehow must have hit a button, and suddenly all I could see was what the camera sees, with 0% graphical overlay. I was flying blind. A reboot fixed this. Any ideas what happened?

7) It must be from a small toy quadcopter that I flew in the past, but on the P4P+ I find that the stick orientation of Mode 2 makes sense to me, and feels natural. Is there any reason to NOT fly in Mode 2?

According to this - most drone quadcopter prefer mode 2.

Drone School 2: Know your transmitter

8) Any recommendations on decent color profiles for video - for right out of camera, for tests, to put up on YouTube?

I’ll shoot manual exposure, manual white balance, and a shutter speed about double the frame rate.

I had read to knock down the sharpening -1.

Thanks for any and all advice. :)

Feb 17, 2015
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I have also been seeing this "Sometimes when getting ready to fly, the remote says “firmware update needed” but then after about 10 seconds that goes away."
Any ideas on this?
Apr 12, 2016
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Hi John,

I own a P3P and had P4.
I also had a very unstable P4P when hovering, sounded like the motors were trying to overcompensate. Drifted around and not that controllable. Almost seems like the gain for motors was too high.
I downgraded firmware to first available, then upgraded one at a time to latest.
Still no change.
IMU calibrations made no difference.
Mine also vibrated when it was back on the ground before shutoff.

Ended up taking back to place of purchase. Was disappointed with them as although obviously out of box issue they have sent it away for repair. Cost me $2899 to buy, and now nothing to show for my money.
Should have known better than to preorder. Think better to wait until early bugs issues are sorted.
Sorry can't help, but at least we know we had the same issue.

Dec 10, 2016
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Isn't it quite 'normal' for software to point out an update and continue to star up if you dont't update immediately. My IMU callibration request popped up at the 5th or 6th time of restarting snd after all the update requests.. it's right under the compass callibration but unclickable in not needed. I teach this option when clicking the thin bar under "no gps.." medsage stroke.

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Jul 22, 2014
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I have the P4P I just finished flying and notice the transmission on the new app update looks bad and wasn't that way when I flew it for 2 flights, I also get the occasional need an update...

Anyone experiencing bad looking transmission I'm flying with iPhone 6+

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