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FPV Pros/Cons - AVL58 v Helipad Deluxe Bundle

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by scotch, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. scotch

    Mar 20, 2014
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    Hey Guys, I'm trying to research FPVs and I just feel like information is just way too scattered across forums (I really think Admins should make some 'Sticky' Topics where things like FPV, links to tutorials, etc, are contained to Single threads,but thats for another topic) I am quite new to my P2, having it for about 3 weeks now, only really getting to fly it on the weekends.

    From my own research, I've honed down to two choices (I am using my own 'terms' just do differentiate the two paths...don't let that confuse you, I'm just doing it so I can associate identities with my options)

    Anything else you guys can add to the Pros/Cons or just from experience would be greatly appreciated!! There also might be things that I'm missing from my lists that I should consider as well.

    DJI Method - utilizing accessories that directly work with the P2 CAN-Bus
    HeliPal Method - getting a basic 'general' bundle that will work with the P2, but doesn't necessarily utilize any of its specific features.

    “DJI" Method (total $527.95 via Drones Etc):
    * AVL58
    * $209 via Drones Etc
    * iOSD mini
    * http://dronesetc.com/collections/batteries-parts-accessories/products/dji-iosd-mini
    * $69
    * Black Pearl Monitor (I’m just going with the monitor from Drones Etc, for simplicity)
    * $249.95
    * PROS:
    * Uses built-in DJI supported connections
    * does not require extra wiring/saudering (AFAIK)
    * CONS
    * $130 more expensive than the Helipal method
    * does not include a mount for the RC (AFAIK)

    “HeliPal / 3rd Party” Method (total $398)
    * HeliPal Deluxe FPV Kit
    * http://www.helipal.com/storm-all-in-one-fpv-combo-deluxe.html
    * $329
    * iOSD mini
    * http://dronesetc.com/collections/batteries-parts-accessories/products/dji-iosd-mini
    * $69
    * PROS
    * Cheaper
    * CONS
    * Uses extra wires/connections — more can go wrong
    * extra cables connecting to GoPro
    * doesn’t utilize the P2 connections made for connecting FPV

    The Phantom 2 Manual suggests the following wiring:

    So In the above diagram, you are utilizing the CAN-Bus connector / cables already provided by DJI, which I guess could be considered the DJI Recommended method. This would require no cabling to the GoPro, but utilizes everything already setup in the Phantom.

    Current Conclusion: It feels like the DJI method may be more stable, but I really don’t know. It could be worth the extra money to do it, but maybe that $130 could be better spent on some other equipment that I haven’t thought of yet?

    Thanks guys! :cool:

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  2. SARC

    Jan 8, 2014
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    San Jose, CA
    I think you still need to solder wires with the AVL58. The link in your post shows the unit and the ribbon cable it comes with....... the ribbon cable has bare ends.

    The "FPV" cable that comes out of the phantom does not have a connector on it, so whatever you do with that cable you are going to have to solder something to it. I believe you can take your phantom apart and follow that cable up to the main board where it has a connector, which you can remove and replace with a ready made cable, but soldering 4 wires takes 2 minutes v's finding the cable and taking your phantom apart takes a lot longer.

    I have the HeliPal Deluxe kit and have been very happy with it

    Nov 7, 2013
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    South East PA
    If you want to really make it easy go with all DJI parts........thats what I did. I ordered everything from B&H with the exception the monitor which I got from helical. Order the DJI Hub and you should be all set. Here's some good directions and photos on installing the hub

  4. stevet

    Mar 1, 2014
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    San Francisco
    Sorry to add confusion why did you not look at the FatShark or Immersion? Those are the ones Im leaning to and with this video it doesn't seem to bad. Also note I did find some premade cables do you do not need to solder anything.


    Cable http://www.firstpersonview.com/cables/p ... ransmitter
  5. d4ddyo

    Mar 11, 2014
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    I have a p2z

    i bought DJI fpv hub, DJI iOSD mini, Boscam 7" Monitor w/ built-in Dual 5.8ghz Video Receiver and DJI 5.8ghx VTx with Clover leaf antenna from UAVproducts.com

    Everything was pretty much plug and play. the only thing i needed to do is figure out how to cleanly mount all this stuff under the phantom.

    I mounted the TX behind the gimbal. the hub and the ios to the TX. Nice and clean and worked right away once i set up iOS in assistant.
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