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Discussion in 'Photos and Video' started by WTFOver, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. WTFOver

    Jan 22, 2014
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    Sunny AZ!!
    Thought I'd put down my experience with a few in this case Transmitter/Receiver channel match up. Wish I had a meter showing the actual frequency and strength. It pretty obvious something is off between manufactures.

    (AVL58 TX) (Boscam Div Mon RX 32Ch Mod RX-LCD5802) (Black Pearl Div Mon RX 32Ch-Mod RC801)
    1 5705 C8 5954 E8 5954
    2 5685 C4 5645 E4 5645
    3 5665 C6 5905 E6 5905
    4 5645 C2 5685 E2 5685
    5 5885 C7 5925 E7 5925
    6 5905 C3 5665 E3 5665
    7 5925 C5 5885 E5 5885
    ----------D8 5880 F5 5820
    8 5945 C1 5705 E1 5705

    I did the test by firing up the Phantom in a garage with steel doors and put the receivers inside a Suburban 50' out front. Had to walk in and out 8 times so I didn't go far. I did fly out to 4000 meters today on AVL58 channel 4, video was in and out. Will maybe change out the clover leaf on the TX for a different on. On the BP Monitor I ran a Cloverleaf and a WindSurfer on the stock antenna. The cloverleaf was picking up at 3500 meters. Need to experiment more as I have had a clean signal out to 5000 meters with a Boscam TX58 2W but someone snagged that rig when it went down while I was tracking it. So I have to wait for another one from Bang good which is where I got the Boscam Monitor/Receiver.
    A tip on figuring out the led's on the AVL58 for figuring what channel your on. Look at the hole from an angle and the yellow blink will look yellow. Straight on it looks pretty green.
    I have a Fat Shark Predator V2 set up I want to see how it matches up.
    The Boscam push button/search stand alone receiver mod TX/RX58 2 Watt is the same as the Monitor from Boscam on channel matching.

    Couldn't figure out the formatting so it would post like I typed it but you get the picture.
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