For Sale - Phantom 2 nonvision with FPV

Feb 15, 2014
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I'm selling my Phantom 2 with everything needed for FPV with the exception of the P2 gimbal and gopro camera. I had the gopro and gimbal on the unit but they both got damaged. I have 3 total batteries - two of them have been used, one has not.

P2 flies just fine. I've flown it for about 5 minutes the last 7 or 8 months. Life's got pretty busy the last few months, and I honestly have just lost the desire to fly the thing. Cosmetically the Phantom is 9/10. There are a few MINOR (keyword) scratches on it, and the props you can tell have been used (have a few minor dings in them). Mechanically it functions and flies perfectly

In addition to the Phantom 2 and the included accessories (extra props, charger, etc) the following are also included:
- TWO extra batteries (one of them brand new - never used)
- Black Pearl Diversity monitor
- Monitor mount to Phantom2 transmitter
- Presoldered cable to connect video transmitter to miniIOSD to phantom2 (installed)
- miniIOSD
- 5.8ghz Bluebeam whip antenna set
- Fatshark spironet 5.8ghz patch antenna
- ImmersionRC 600mw transmitter

Really all you'd need to do is connect a zenmuse h3-2d gimbal, a gopro, connect the cables, and have fpv.

Make me an offer.

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