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Flying skills and Video Glasses for P2V

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anekdoto, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. anekdoto

    Jan 9, 2014
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    Fly there,

    I'm a new pilot with a little experience, just what I got from ardrone2 for a year or so. In what I've seen so far, Phantom is way more sophisticated drone, offering the capacity for bigger flights and shooting and having fun outdoors. Still, I believe the Ardrone2 is more suitable for indoor flights, considering that it's more of a toy. The Vision however can make you more daring, enough to do other things you wouldn't want to regret.

    On one side, what I'm talking about is flying skills that you got to have in order to do what you have in mind and to have fun. To visualize you're inside that aircraft and control the sticks with precision. And that's the other side. FPV from the pilot's seat.

    The question is, how much trust should anyone have on mobile's screen FPV, the surroundings are disturbing the focus of the pilot, in sunny days you can't see the screen and at nights, the flight is a guess! Basically, I'm thrilled with the idea of flying with glasses and get the feeling of a bird's eye! Don't know if it's harder to control the drone, is there anyone to share the experience? In my mind, the hard part will be to adjust your brain to understand the lens of the camera and translate the distances from the objects. Not seeing the drone from the outside might also cause problems, like flying too close to objects near you but you can't see them.

    I guess I'm a rookie in FPV, don't know how to start. What would anyone suggest about getting video glasses and connect the output from the phone? I have a samsung S4, I saw an HDMI adapter MHL 2.0, not fairly cheap, and I don't know if it can output the DJI's app screen, or the software will cause problems with the phantom app.

    And then, I need glasses. Google-style with transparency or FatShark style, all these are expensive stuff, above 500, some are cool looking and some around 130, and I haven't find anyone posting an idea like that, connecting the phone to video glasses. I wonder, is the bluetooth protocol capable of sharing the phone's screen with a pair of glasses?

    FatShart would be an option but I don't need the transmitter and the extra stuff. To control the channel for the camera tilt would also be great.

    Am I asking for something weird? Has anyone thought something like this?

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