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Flight #3 was on Litchi

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Bob N, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Bob N

    Feb 15, 2016
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    Tallahassee, FL
    So in my last adventure, I attempted to contact the local air fields and was called back and invited to fly the at the airfield. Today my friends and I went to the field. Turns out the owner is a WW2 P-51 fighter pilot and flew from Iwo Jima to Japan on 8 hour missions. Mr. Forman is a neat guy to talk to.

    So we unload and my friend's son was quick to get his Phantom 2 up in the air. Me, I'm a wee bit slower as I follow all the steps to ensure all is going to be successful. Got the blades own and did the compass chicken dance. Initiated Litchi and took off. Flew to 393.4 FT according to Litchi. After flying around and "burning off fuel" and was preparing for landing when I noticed two things. The gimbal was not changing position and as I hovered very low to the grand the Litchi voice was telling me I was 17 feet off the deck. I can assure you I was little more than a foot as I prepared for touchdown. So does this mean I'm in need of a IMU calibration? That's what I think.now but not at the time.

    Well, I changed out the battery and this time I flew with DJI Go. I did a gimbal calibration and now instead of point down it was pointing forward. But I still could not control the gimbal. I'm thinking how could this be broken. I've never had a crash or even a hard landing.

    I'm thinking I'm going to have to send it to DJI to fix. I'm bummed coming back from the airfield.

    But once I got home I fired it up without the props and noodled around the app. That's when I found that one of the options had disabled the gimbal. Once I changed that to 100%, I think. Craft is not connected now so I cant see what the exact field is.

    So the moral of my tale is RTFM, right...but I missed in the Litchi manual and the DJI GO and I can't find out anything.

    Other than these were great flights. Oh, I went to Harbor Freight and purchase a 4 piece standing mat and use that as a takeoff and landing pad. Worked pretty good and stayed in place without anchors when the P3A came in for a landing.
  2. JickMagger

    Feb 8, 2016
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    In DJI Go app check your gimbal settings and see if it is set for FPV. If it's set for FPV, set it for Follow.
  3. exit 4

    Jan 19, 2016
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    Southern New Jersey
    There are a number of threads here about the altimeter being off. Mine is wY off too. That's why you need leave room in any preprogrammed flights. You may think it's at 30 when its at 3 feet. Be careful.
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