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  1. apollopark

    Jun 25, 2016
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    Had my first hairy moment with my p4 today. Went out about 20,000 feet and started to make my way back when all of the sudden my phone slipped off my mount(had a new case on it) screen went grey and went to plug it back in but nothing, lost all signal. Last i noticed i had 62% battery and hoped that the rth feature was gonna do its job. I waited 15 min and nothing, panicked i got in the car and drove to the last location, and no sight of her. When i got to the location there were a couple people around and asked anyone if they saw the aircraft anywhere. Nope. Got back to my take off spot and not a sight. Walked inside the building and lo and behold there she was. Someone had found it about 50 m from my take off spot and brought it there while i was out. he said he saw it hover in the same spot for a couple minutes and then slowly came down ? Not sure exactly what went on with the rth or why i couldnt connect back? Any you guys have any weird instances like this?

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  2. Chopstix Kid

    Apr 19, 2016
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    Even though your phone slipped off and disconn, the remote was still likely connected to the aircraft. Assuming that's the case, you could've simply activated RTH on the RC. Heart dropping moment nonetheless.

    Likely what happened was while you were preparing to jump in your car and go look, you could've had a signal interruption which caused the auto return home or the battery eventually ran down enough to trigger it.
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  3. Djprow

    Apr 28, 2016
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    Chopstix is right you can fly your bird without a phone or tablet (I've tried it).The green Led on the controller lets you know it's still connected.Rth should have worked if pressed.
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