First Flight Over Water

Jun 2, 2018
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Western Connecticut
We took a hike up to a cliff and launched our Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 and got some views of the river today.

I was quite nervous about taking this investment over water, but the wife said "do it, it's reliable" so I flew cautiously, so as not to stress the battery or the props too hard and accomplished the mission with no difficulties. A couple of hawks were flying around the area, probably keeping a watchful eye on the mechanical intruder to their airspace, but we stayed far enough away from them. Rain was in the forecast, so we didn't get much sun and lighting was a bit flat, but the mission was a success.

It was a pleasure flying with the Crystal Sky Ultrabright screen. Even with the relatively bright ambient light, I had a comfortable screen image and never had the thought that anything was hard to make out. I shot DCI 4K video and some RAW stills.

We almost didn't make it up to the launch area due to so many trees fallen across the path leading up the mountain, but I pushed ahead despite my wife's concerns that something might fall on us, and benefited from the fact that fewer people were hiking up there as a result, thinking the trail was closed.

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